Keep Calm and Buy the Dip

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The stock market is wonderful. It’s impossible to lose. You put money in and become rich. I’m not sure why nobody thought of this before except for Warren Buffet, the guy with the Coca Cola. I bought 7 shares of Amazon and now I’m rich. Since the government and the Fed will bail me out, I have no reason to worry. This time is different. So let’s take a ride down “everything is awesome road” and enjoy a different approach to the economy.

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Markets: Indexes, Bonds, Forex, Key Commodities, ETFs

000001.SS 2,570.34 34.58 1.36% : SSE Composite Index – Yahoo Finance

Jamie Dimon says shutdown could reduce economic growth to zero

govt shutdown day 25.jpg (890×561)

Nestlé bond yields turn negative

wells applications q4 2018.jpg (824×515)

How to build a skyscraper out of wood

GIANT food stores to use in-store robots at all locations – WFMZ

World’s Highest Gasoline Price Prompts Zimbabwe National Strike – BNN Bloomberg

bc-zimbabweans-are-left-reeling-as-cash-starved-economy-implodes.png (620×349)!/fileimage/httpImage/image.png_gen/derivatives/landscape_620/bc-zimbabweans-are-left-reeling-as-cash-starved-economy-implodes.png

Zimbabweans Are Left Reeling as Cash-Starved Economy Implodes – BNN Bloomberg



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