Kellyanne Conway says ‘sad and frustrated’ Trump needs to “suck up that he lost”

Desperate and pathetic Trump needs to “suck it up” that he lost and stop spewing the “Big Election Lies” BS if he has any chance to actually run for president again. According to former Trump campaign advisor Kellyanne Conway.

Of course desperate and pathetic Kellyanne Conway is hoping Trump will run again and that he will pick her for top campaign manager so she can rake in the $$$ big millions and spewing the “alternative facts” for another few billing years. Jhikpghf

Trump will never give up on the “Big Election Lies” BS because it allows him to defraud his base and make hundreds of $$$ millions from the super low IQ and high gullibility Trump base. Scream1

Trump so far has over 250 million reasons to continue to “love the poorly educated”.

A grifter loves the easy marks.

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Kellyanne Conway says ‘sad and frustrated’ Trump needs to stop obsessing over 2020 if he wants to be in the White House again

“Former senior Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway expressed her concern about the Republican leader’s obsession about the 2020 election, the Washington Times reported.

Trump continues to watch the House Select Committee footage, posting comments on his social media site and ranting about people who worked for him.

The conservative outlet explained that Trump could even win the Republican nomination in 2024, but only if he stops talking about 2020 and sucks up that he lost.


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