KEVIN DRUM: If you hate the culture wars, blame liberals.

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“On Thursday I posted a series of charts that all documented a similar theme: Since roughly the year 2000, according to survey data, Democrats have moved significantly to the left on most hot button social issues while Republicans have moved only slightly right. . . . I’ve made this point many times before, and I want to make it again more loudly and more plainly today. It is not conservatives who have turned American politics into a culture war battle. It is liberals. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise: Almost by definition, liberals are the ones pushing for change while conservatives are merely responding to whatever liberals do. More specifically, progressives have been bragging publicly about pushing the Democratic Party leftward since at least 2004—and they’ve succeeded. Now, I’m personally happy about most of this. But that doesn’t blind me to the fact that ‘personally happy’ means nothing in politics. What matters is what the median voter feels, and Democrats have been moving further and further away from the median voter for years.”

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