Kevin McCarthy: media helped cover up possible lab origin of coronavirus

by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) posted to Facebook that he believes the “mainstream media” and tech companies have been suppressing the narrative that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) may have originated in a Chinese lab as opposed to Chinese bats at a wet market.

During the early stages of the plandemic going into the 2020 election cycle, fake news outlets diligently sidestepped the lab origin theory, calling it a “conspiracy theory” without merit. Now that many more people are starting to accept it, however, the media outlets that tried to cover it up look pretty darn dumb.

“The coronavirus likely came from a lab in China,” McCarthy wrote in the post. “This is a truth that elites in the mainstream media and Big Tech companies helped cover-up for over a year.”

At this point, there are only three options concerning the Chinese Virus. It either came from bats, came from a lab, or does not exist outside of vaccines, which some believe is how people become infected with viruses in the first place. McCarthy subscribes to the second viewpoint and many others now agree with him.

Media, tech monopolies are costing people their lives

Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow spoke to Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson the other day about this same issue, warning that media corruption will continue to propagate the notion that the Wuhan Flu just crept up on us all out of nowhere when the reality is that it was hatched by evildoers as part of a global plot.

Marlow explained that many of the major media conglomerates, including NBCABC and Disney, do business with China and thus do not want to offend the country or its leaders by telling any truth about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

“If they are not in China yet, they want to be in China someday soon,” Marlow contends. “And we’ve already outsourced so much of our free speech to places like YouTube.”

Science is also being outsourced to China, Marlow warns, the World Health Organization (WHO) perhaps being the most prominent in this regard. From the beginning, the WHO has parroted whatever China told it to concerning the Chinese Virus, and this is what the world used as “evidence” to support lockdowns, face masks and now, injections.

“We were told that Johnson was kicked off because he defied the World Health Organization, the same World Health Organization that’s basically a subsidiary of China, Tucker,” Marlow explained.

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“Why did Dr. Tedros, a guy who is not a medical doctor, how come he is the most powerful doctor in the world today? Well, he was China’s pick, even after he botched the response to a cholera outbreak in Africa. The list goes on and on.”

While there are independent media outlets sprouting up to take their place, the big guys are still running the show in ways that are leaving the general public in the dark as to the real culprits behind the plandemic, which include cronies within our own government.

Tony Fauci might as well be Xi Jinping, seeing as how Fauci has been shilling for the communist Chinese regime for many decades.

“As you correctly know, it is not enough just to build your own Twitter, because these places are monopolies, which is why it’s so important that people start using antitrust, thinking about breaking up these companies,” Marlow further told Carlson.

“But when they are trusting PolitiFact and Mark Zuckerberg with their science and not the actual doctors, we know that the system is broken, and now it’s potentially costing lives.”

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