Key DOJ and FBI Names Likely to Surface Amid IG Investigative Reports and Referrals…

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With Inspector General Michael Horowitz submitting a criminal referral for fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe; and with knowledge of federal prosecutor John Huber paralleling Horowitz for months within the investigation; it might be worthwhile going through the names of some officials likely to surface in the next few days/weeks.

The most interesting people in the ongoing investigation are those principals who clearly were in/around the center of 2015/2016 activity; were caught in 2017, yet remain inside the FBI and DOJ National Security Division (DOJ-NSD) ie. Main Justice.

♦James Baker – The former FBI chief legal counsel and close adviser to FBI Director James Comey.  In addition to coordinating the “small group” activity to exonerate Hillary Clinton, Baker was also a recipient for some of the Comey Memos of recent release. This puts Baker in a position to understand the “insurance policy” described by FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Counsel Lisa Page. Additionally, Baker would be able to identify the level of knowledge and participation of Director Comey, and is therefore perhaps the biggest risk to Comey specifically.  December 21st, 2017, Baker was removed from any responsibility but remains inside the FBI in some capacity; he is therefore considered a cooperating co-conspirator for the FBI Inspection Division (INSD), IG Horowitz and likely prosecutor Huber.

♦Lisa Page – The former designated counsel from Main Justice assigned to assist Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.  We know from open-sourced information; from her own released text messages; and from congressional releases, that Lisa Page was the person who provided the text messages to INSD and the Inspector General. Page’s account of the media leak instructions she received from McCabe conflicted with her boss, and ultimately led to the proof of McCabe’s false statements.  Lisa Page was the connective bridge within the team joining the DOJ-NSD to the FBI operation.  Obviously Page and FBI Agent Peter Strzok were working closely at the heart of the “small group” activity.  They were the footsoldiers carrying out the orders passed down from Lynch/Yates (DOJ) and Comey/McCabe (FBI).   After cooperating with the INSD and IG investigation, Page quit the Mueller team mid-summer 2017.  Lisa Page is still employed within the DOJ.

♦Peter Strzok – The responsibility within the FBI operation to clear Clinton and open an investigation against political opponent Donald Trump fell heavily upon FBI Agent Peter Strzok.  Strzok was advanced to the #2 position within the FBI counterintelligence unit as an outcome of his participation.  In addition to working with FBI counsel Lisa Page, underneath Andrew McCabe, Strzok was the FBI contact and liaison with Christopher Steele and the foreign intelligence apparatus that were assisting in their goals.  When the INSD and IG evidence of the conspiracy began to surface Peter Strzok was removed from the Mueller investigation and demoted within the FBI.  However, Strzok remains employed within the FBI and is likely another cooperating witness/co-conspirator.

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♦Bruce Ohr – Former Deputy Asst. Attorney General Bruce Ohr is the most exposed official on the DOJ-NSD side of the operation. Bruce Ohr has been questioned at least 12 times about his involvement by INSD and IG investigators.  Ohr has been demoted twice as an outcome of those sessions.  It is likely Ohr was the central Main Justice official for the use of gathering intelligence and sharing with Fusion-GPS and Christopher Steele.  Bruce’s wife, Nellie Ohr, was also a participant and was hired by Fusion-GPS in May 2016 during the apex of opposition research into Donald Trump and the campaign team.  With Nellie Ohr’s subject matter expertise of Russian spy and trade-craft, together Bruce and Nellie are likely the central figures in the creation of, and laundry for, the Clinton/Steele Dossier and the larger Russian narrative.  Bruce Ohr remains employed within DOJ-NSD in some function; and likely a cooperating witness along with his wife.

♦Bill Priestap – The only central character within the FBI leadership apparatus that remains entirely intact despite his central role in the counterintelligence operation against candidate Donald Trump.  Priestap was agent Peter Strzok’s immediate boss; however, it is unknown how much influence Priestap held over the activity of Strzok.  Released text messages indicate Strzok was reporting more to Andrew McCabe during both the Clinton and Trump operations. All officials at the top of the FBI have either been removed or quit, with the exception of Bill Priestap.  It is highly likely he has been cleared for any intentional wrongdoing and has no issues cooperating with INSD and IG investigators.  Because of the importance of his role, Priestap likely knows the full context of how the FISA Title-1 application against U.S. person Carter Page was assembled and used.  Priestap is also mentioned in the Nunes memo contradicting the claims of Comey, McCabe, Brennan (CIA) and Clapper (DNI).

♦Dana Boente – The former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia [EDVA] during the Clinton and Trump operation, the view of Boente as seen from the top tier officials conducting the political operations was that Boente was not in alignment with their goals. After Sally Yates was fired from the DOJ, the Trump administration used Dana Boente as a temporary AG until Jeff Sessions could be confirmed.  After Sessions confirmation Boente remained the head of the DOJ National Security Division (DOJ-NSD) until the end of 2017.  In his positions throughout 2016 and 2017 Boente likely knows the political activities that were ongoing within Main Justice.  Dana Boente left the DOJ at the end of 2017 and was hired by FBI Director Christopher Wray to replace James Baker as chief legal counsel in the FBI.

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The four officials removed but remaining inside both the FBI and DOJ are likely cooperating witnesses for the FBI Inspection Division investigative unit (INSD), DOJ Inspector General Horowitz and Federal Prosecutor John Huber.  Those four key officials are: James Baker (FBI), Lisa Page (DOJ/FBI), Bruce Ohr (DOJ) and Peter Strzok (FBI).

Additional investigative information from key officials with insider knowledge would come from Bill Priestap (FBI) and Dana Boente (DOJ/FBI).

The former administration officials with varying degrees of legal risk, who clearly participated in the politicization of the DOJ and FBI, would include:

♦AG Loretta Lynch (quit); ♦AAG Sally Yates (fired); ♦DOJ-NSD Head John Carlin (quit); ♦DOJ-NSD Head Mary McCord (quit); ♦Deputy Asst. AG David Laufman (quit); ♦FBI Director James Comey (fired); ♦FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe (fired); ♦FBI Chief of Staff James Rybicki (quit); ♦FBI Director of Communications, Michael Kortan (quit).

Each of these DOJ and FBI officials are specifically outlined with knowledge of the activity that was taking place within the operation to clear and advance the campaign of Hillary Clinton and block and impede the campaign of Donald Trump.  However, these are only the DOJ and FBI officials.

Within the larger intelligence apparatus – the CIA Director, John Brennan, and Office of Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, are also participants. A key figure to reveal their prior corrupt activity is current NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers.

Additionally, there are known former State Department and White House officials who understood, supported and likely directed much of the activity.

The key to reaching the wider network of Obama officials is to work outward from the known corrupt “small group” within the center of the DOJ and FBI operation.  IG Horowitz and Prosecutor Huber appear to be focused on exactly that approach.

The added investigative element of the FISA application and fraud upon the FISA court is where the expanded investigative element will surface.  FISA abuse, and the subsequent political unmasking of people therein, will extend the investigation beyond the DOJ/FBI and into the larger intelligence community and other Obama cabinet officials.


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