Killing a unborn baby is a decision made solely by a woman and her doctor. Taking hydroxychloroquine is a joint decision between a man, his doctor, every Democrat in congress, and all on-air talent at CNN.

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They are lying to you about treatments with Covid. I saw someone listed a whole bunch of studies, but Tucker lays it out well.

Lockdowns and social distancing may slow the spread of this pandemic, but they will not beat it. No emergency orders from our leaders can save us. Over time, only medicine will stop this threat. Our only hope is science.

At the moment, thousands of doctors, lab technicians, chemists and biologists are working to create effective treatments for coronavirus. At some point, they’ll likely develop a vaccine for it. That could be a year from now, though.

In the meantime, researchers are taking a second look at drugs already in use for other diseases, and there have been, we’re happy to tell you, some promising developments so far.

Favipiravir is a Japanese antiviral drug that’s been used to treat influenza, among other things. An early clinical trial in China showed improved outcomes for those with mild cases of coronavirus.

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