Kim Dotcom’s Twitter Thread About the Great Reset

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by Chris Black

Kim Dotcom is a German-Finnish tech entrepreneur best known for repeatedly getting prosecuted for allowing people to upload files, including copyrighted files.

He’s always been a very funny guy, but more recently he’s started giving serious political commentary, which is somewhat in line with the stuff that we are seeing from others in the tech industry lately.

This week, he took to Twitter to give a pretty dire warning about what the future holds for the people of earth if we do not push back on the psychopathic elite that is running the West.


This isn’t really new information but it is very encouraging to see it coming from my second favorite Kim. Also to be fair, the way he lays out the numbers is very convincing. It is completely insane that people are still somehow claiming that the US economy somehow “won’t collapse.” Everyone knows that hyperinflation is inevitable.

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“What is the end game?” is a kind of rhetorical question.

We all see where this is leading: the ruling elite of the Western world are attempting to establish a post-democracy system, where a tiny elite minority rule over a mass of landless peasants.

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