Kim Jong-Un – A Danger By Himself Or Just Somebody’s Puppet?

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by Samvel Harutyunyan

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, seems to be quite an ambiguous figure. On the one hand, he is such a cheerful person, often seen in public, at least in his own country, waving with his right hand to his people, the demonstrators, who look also very happy and brave. He demonstrates a very free behavior, generally in public, and this must mean a modernization of the ruler’s image in a country, which is typically Oriental, and mainly you have to be very gloomy and heavy to win people’s trust in the Asia. He is often smiling, even giggling, and makes an impression of an unbridled youngster, who boasts and constantly demonstrates his parents’ rich legacy.
Such is the Korean leader, who attracts the attention of the whole world today. The North Korean nuclear program soon became a nightmare, and not to its neighbors only, particularly the South Korea and Japan, but also to their supervisor and the regional security warrant, the United States.  I am sure, that the things won’t differ much, if Kim Jong-un were not in the power, and the North Koreans had another leader, let’s call him Jong Kim-un or Un Kim-jong… What the difference? They all conduct their country’s political strategy, which does minimally depend on persons. At least now, and at least in countries like North Korea, which is not a regional power, such as China, India, or Iran. Such a small country, is making such a big noise. Do they need it indeed, and what is the reason for such a behavior?
Sure, North Korea has its own ambitions, they always compete with their southern neighbors, since the Korean peninsula was divided into two parts, and each of them has chosen its own way – one socialist and the other capitalist. But was this their own choice or it was dictated by the will of those, who supported each one of the conflicting sides during the war?
If we take into consideration, then on my opinion, this superpower has enough of means to show a danger to the U.S. and their allies, where it is necessary and when it is necessary. But it’s more than unprofitable for that country, at least now, when it stays under multiple economic and political sanctions, and on the contrary, seeks all possible ways and means to get rid of them. They talk about Iran, as if it took part in the North Korean nuclear development. Doubtfully, unless everything is possible. I think it is doubtful, as Iran itself is an ally to both Russia and China, and they would never allow it to do anything without permit in a region, which stays so close to their own borders. Thus, even if there was the Iranian participation in the North Korean nuclear program, it was definitely supervised by one of the regional superpowers.
They send they rockets over Philippines and Japan, drown them in different areas of the Pacific Ocean, where there are so many territories, that stay under a direct or indirect supervision of the United States.

Did they send them to waters, that stay close to China or Russia? Never. Both these countries show just a moderate concern, when Pyongyang conducts its next nuclear test. They always call the United States and other regional countries to show a restraint and patience. This means, that this conflict cannot be managed by the military means. There is also a place for bargains in the region, and this bargain should be managed collectively, with the participation of the all regional players. At least, it is necessary to understand, that there is no military solution to the conflicts like this, and you can’t win a war by disabling just someone’s hand, which throws a stone or even something more dangerous in your direction. It is necessary to use the greatest advantage that the human beings are endowed with – the ability to negotiate. And to forget the military rhetoric, as you cannot just ignore the nuclear weapons. Its’ not like in the times of Hiroshima, when there was only one nuclear power, or the Caribbean crisis, when such powers were two. There’re dozens of countries today, that have the access to the nuclear weapons.  And we all should realize this. As soon as possible.


4 thoughts on “Kim Jong-Un – A Danger By Himself Or Just Somebody’s Puppet?

  1. Such a small country, is making such a big noise. Do they need it indeed, and what is the reason for such a behavior?
    Easy: They’ve seen what the US government does to countries that can’t defend themselves. They’ve seen what happened to Afghanistan. They’ve seen what happened to Iraq. They’ve seen what happened to Libya. They’ve seen what happened to Syria.
    North Korea’s thinking is — and sadly, I think there’s more than a bit of truth to it — that there’s a rogue nation out there that bombs anyone who refuses to be their lapdog and can’t defend themselves into oblivion.
    They don’t want to be our lapdog, so they must show that they can defend themselves if they don’t want to be invaded.
    And that’s exactly what they’re doing: Talking to the US government in the only language they think will be understood. “We have nuclear warheads, we have missiles, and if you attack us, we’ll reply in kind.”
    I’m sure the deep state wouldn’t mind nuking North Korea at all – but they’d certainly mind the mess they’d have to deal with if North Korea managed to take out a US city or two in retaliation.

  2. is he selling negotiations?
    arguably the best negotiators today are the Israelis,they get free stuff from every nation on earth most from the US, so he see’s others getting FREE STUFF and wants some too. The USA is constantly giving away FREE STUFF using our tax money,taxes and other like food stamp money or COLA monies deferred for other peoples FREE STUFF.
    The US citizens and aliens SEE the FREE STUFF and want ALL of the FREE STUFF for themselves also.
    PERHAPS a MORATORIUM on FREE STUFF would work better than SANCTIONS at home and ESPECIALLY ABROAD SEEN NO MORE of our MONEY OUTSIDE the USA it is a GREAT WASTE and causes hatred and WARS!!!

  3. I firmly believe N Korea is China’s puppet and Red China is usin da little guy to keep kickin us in the shins and when the time comes maybe nuke/EMP us and bring us down. Then the Globalist will ask the UN to send in troops to stabilize the US. Most likely the Chinese Red Army!
    We should tell Red China that it has progressed to far unless they immediately reign in Red China. Then tell Japan, Taiwan and S Korea to Nuke up if they wish to keep their own sovereignty. Bet the Chi-Coms reign in Little Kim quickly then. If not, put Red China on notice if we think it is a 50/50 chance that N Korea Nuke/Emp us wee will retaliate not only against N Korea but China also!
    MAD worked for JFK, it should work for us!
    If we do NOT we will lose a US city/ region one city at a time!

  4. North Korea is a tool of China in their effort to remove American troops from the Korean peninsula and remove nuclear armed American vessels from the China Sea. When the USA agrees to get out of Korea China would put its foot down on North Korea.

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