All This Talk of “Hackers” is Just Code for Something Far More Insidious

by Mark Angelides

We have been fed a dangerous lie that will cut to the very heart of freedom in America (and elsewhere soon enough). When the politicians and the media talk about “hackers,” they are telling a flat out narrative that barely exists above a whisper in the real world. They have made these “hackers” into “demons working for dangerous nations” to make us fear what is an almost non-existent threat. The real reason they are spinning this tale is far more nefarious.
This whole effort is to shut down conservative voices and be lauded as heroes for it. Internet controls, censorship, lack of access, lack of privacy are all coming soon, and will be sold to us a way to “prevent hackers interfering with our democracy.” Don’t be fooled.
They have created a Boogeyman and are in the process of showing us just how dangerous he is. He has interfered with our elections, he has held our medical data to ransom (in the UK), and he has…infiltrated chat rooms. Yes, I know the last one is a bit of a let-down, but it is always mentioned by the elites because this is where they will begin their battle against freedoms.
It is a long range plan to remove connections and stop “online assembly.” If they can’t defeat the First Amendment’s Right to Assemble in person, they can’t stop us communicating. So they have pushed everything at the online world, made it almost impossible to organize without the use of major telecommunications systems and the next part is to spring the trap.
They will stop us assembling online, on forums, and in chat rooms; essentially cutting us off from like-minded folk.
All the talk of “hackers” is just smoke and mirrors. Sure there are hackers, they are just folk like us, but they are not engaged in attacks against you and I, “the small folk.” They are after the Big Boys, the corruption and the lies, and yet they are few. They are not the terrible threat to “our way of life.” They are you and I (plus the computer skills), just looking for an honest answer in the dark murk that is presented to us each and every day. I write, they hack, and you do something else. We don’t make a huge difference, but we do keep the conversation alive…We keep the torch burning.
And it is this light that they want to extinguish.