Hillary Wants to Contest 2016 Election – But Here’s the Question Nobody Asks

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by Mark Angelides

In a wide ranging interview, Hillary Clinton said that she would consider contesting the results of the 2016 presidential election, but is not sure (Constitutionally) how that would work. She claims that the election and Russian interference was a bigger scandal than Watergate. She has blamed just about everything and everyone for her loss, but why does no one ask the real question?
Why is it that despite the entire establishment and media operation against Trump, did he still manage to win the election? Here are a few points worth considering:

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  1. In the run-up to the election, all major news agencies were stating that Clinton had a more than 95% chance of winning. This was clearly designed to make potential Trump voters stay home. It is a common practice in electioneering (they did the same thing in the Brexit referendum), and it does work. So knowing that it works, and knowing that a large amount of Trump voters would have thought it was not worth going out, how then did he still manage to win?
  2. The very basis of America is the empowerment of states, and their ability to pass laws. Clinton has again stated that she would do away with the Electoral College. She presents this is a way of having one vote for one person. But it is disingenuous. The very purpose of the Electoral College was to ensure that one state did not have disproportionate power over another based on the population numbers. Why does no one in the media bring this up?
  3. How is it that without any real support from either party did Donald Trump manage to get elected? Is it possible that the entire two-party system is a con being carried out on the American people to give them the illusion of choice? If Independents can get elected, then why do we continue t talk in term of only two voices?
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The sad truth is that politics is all a show for the people to keep them amused, angry, intent, and compliant. You can say what you like about President Trump (that he’s bad, that he’s a stooge, anything you like), but what he has done is give the American people the impression that the two party system does not have to be what it is. He has shown the country that one man, despised by both parties, can still get to the top. Now it may all be part of the illusion, but we now, once more, have the belief. And false or not, the belief is what’s going to carry us out of the swamp.


11 thoughts on “Hillary Wants to Contest 2016 Election – But Here’s the Question Nobody Asks”

  1. I never thought I’d agree with Hitlery Clinton on anything, but she’s right: The election results were fake.
    The obvious example is that New Hampshire was stolen by a massive number of out-of-state people doing a same-day registration without actually moving to NH. More than 6000 people caught doing so, Hitlery won NH by a margin of less than 3000.
    But then… what does Hitlery have to gain by contesting the election because of her own vote fraud? I don’t think Trump will reward her for making it clear that he won by an even bigger majority than we already know…

  2. The most worthwhile of Trump’s accomplishments, from my point of view, has been to pit the Democrats and Republicans against each other so ferociously that they’re staging numerous, murderous conflicts against each other. If only the Liberals and Conservatives can all be made to kill each other off, then the patriotic American citizens can form a real Democratic Republic like the one we had before all those gangsters took over our Government during the last century!

  3. Hillary is obviously having a breakdown. She is a career criminal politician and degenerate. This effort to question the election results is probably her failing ploy to avoid jail for her many crimes. It’s not going to work.

    • You think she wants to settle for president rather than declaring martial law and declaring herself God-Empress?
      I’m pretty sure that in her mind, president is far too low an office for someone with her yooge list of accomplishments.
      Also, every single Confederate statue needs to be torn down not because it’s racist but because we need to make room for all those Hitlery Clinton statues!

  4. Question: but if she goes ahead with the plan and contests the final count. . . . won’t that expose all the voter fraud that was committed, in hopes of helping her over the line ? ? Remember the Jill Stein fiasco ? Maybe if we get to see all the final tallies, the real truth comes out that, Donald did in fact win the popular vote ?

    • I would love to see the election contested and ALL the hundreds of thousands, and most likely millions, who committed voter fraud deported immediately or jailed! Including da dead guys!

    • Depends on to what extent Hitlery’s brownshirts control the media (sadly, I’d say just about 100%) and the courts (not yet sure about this one…)
      If their control is more or less complete, all the proof of very real Clinton vote rigging will be tossed out (“that’s just unproven allegations and conspiracy theories, nobody in his right mind would even look at that!”) and any evidence of rigging in Trump’s favor (I wouldn’t put it past Hitlery to arrange some vote fraud against herself in NY, CA or some other totally safe blue state just so she can reveal it later and scream vote fraud…) will be brought up and amplified thousands of times.
      “An unnamed citizen of Chappaqua, NY has admitted to voting for Donald Trump 3 times, so we have to conclude that Trump’s vote count was actually 3 times higher than the number of people actually voting for him.”

  5. I hope she dose, it will show she lost by a far wider margin than what is shown now, maybe all the real fraud she committed will come out, at this point it a good laugh to see her show what a nut job she is…Hey Hillary do an encore and just die….


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