Kim Jong-Un Wants to Meet Trump

by Amna El Tawil
When he was running for president of the US, Donald Trump clearly stated something that no president in the history always avoided – he wouldn’t mind speaking to Kim Jong-Un in order to put an end to frequent threats coming from North Korea. It looks like Jong-Un wouldn’t mind either.

(Photo credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Thae Yong Ho, a North Korean defector who was formerly the deputy ambassador of the North Korean embassy in London, said that North Korean leader, would definitely, like to meet the 45th president of the United States.
During the interview with CNN, Yong Ho said: “Kim sees it as a good opportunity for him to open a kind of compromise with the new American administration.” However, the controversial leader would only do so and talk to Trump on his own terms and won’t give up nukes.
Thae Yong Ho also said: “As long as Kim Jong Un is in power, there’ll be no chance for the world to improve the human rights issue” or cancel “the nuclear program. If Kim Jong Un decides to kill someone, if he thinks that he is a threat or he scared him, he just wants to get rid of him, that is the present reality of North Korea.”
Although this meeting would allow Trump to do something that his predecessors never did, Thae advises him to be cautious because it would give North Korean leader legitimacy he currently doesn’t have in his own country. Yong Ho said: “Even Chinese President Xi Jinping and even Russian President Putin — they haven’t even met Kim Jong Un.”
Although Kim has been a leader of this country for a few years now, he never gained legitimacy his father and grandfather enjoyed. Yong Ho adds: “After 5 years in power, he couldn’t even tell the North Korean people about his date of birth, when he was born, about his mother, his relationship with his grandfather.”
North Korean defector aggress with Donald Trump and confirms that China has to be pressured to do more.