Duterte Accuses Catholic Church of Being Full of Sh*t

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by Amna El Tawil
Rodrigo Duterte, Philippines president, is continuing with anti-Catholic Church rhetoric. The controversial political figure challenged Catholic priests to try crystal meth in order to understand the problem with narcotic addiction. Then, he questioned their ascendancy to even criticize his war on drug and crime in his country.
The Catholic church has criticized his tactic to kill criminals and those who use, abuse, and sell drug accusing them of sexual molestation and corruption among priests. Duterte said: “You expose me, fine. I expose you. Why? When you commit mistakes, it’s okay but when we do, no? B******t. That’s stupid.”
In 2016, Duterte claimed he was molested by a Catholic priest when he was a child. The Philippines reader continued: “If you cannot even give justice to the small boys that you have molested in the past, you do not have that moral ascendancy to lecture (me) on what to do. Sanctity of life? You’re enjoying your worth. When we were making confessions to you, we were being molested.”
Then, he raised the issues of homosexual acts allegedly taking place inside seminaries and slammed the churches over their failure to take action, saying: “What will you do with the homosexuality in your seminaries? What have you done to the children there? Did you investigate us? You fools. You are in palaces while your faithful are in squatters areas and then you talk about sanctity? Look at your mirror. What is your moral ascendancy in the Philippines? Religion? What is the meaning of it? You do not help us. You just keep on talking. What did the church do? The Catholic Church earns millions every week all throughout the Philippines. There are many churches. Where is the money of the people?”
Duterte added: “We [Government] explain how we use our funds to the people. You? Priests and bishops, you wear fancy clothes, you have vehicles. Do you have a house, even with just five rooms, for rehab? What did your church do? You count money instead of going around the neighborhoods, explaining to the people why they should not be in [the drug] industry because they will die. Now you want the killings to end? All you have to do is to preach because most of the people here are Catholics.”
He added he might pen his own book about the Church, entitled “Hypocrisy.”
“I challenge the Catholic Church,” he said. “You are full of sh*t. You all smell bad, corruption and all.”

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