Kind And Loving AI-Driven Search And Destroy Robots

by SP

So, sure.  Lots of us saw the video of the Boston Dynamics Robotic Dog, Spot, and heard that they want to manufacture and commercially sell over 1,000 within the year.  We thought Uh oh!

And some of us thought, “someone will attach a weapons platform to these things and release them in packs to hunt down political opposition leaders and burn their homestead to the ground.  I know it.  Just wait.”

Negative associations with robotic warrior machines were pretty firmly developed in the public mind.

Of course, Arnnie didn’t help this.

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But fortunately, a movie has come out to help us feel good about AI-Driven Killer Robotic Dogs!


In this movie we learn that killer robots are actually all warm and fuzzy inside.    They seem to have an advanced limbic system and the neuroendocrine structures of the posterior pituitary gland which release oxytocin on physical contact.  This allows them to bond with other kind hearted people, like say, teenaged boys who are into motocross and need a supportive friend and ally.  Together, the human-Killer Robot friendship can overcome evil and help the young man achieve his dreams.

Yay for kind-hearted AI-Driven Search and Destroy Killer Robots!!


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