Kohl’s charge dispute nightmare

by thiswastillavailable

So someone got into our Kohl’s shopping account and ordered $1000+ worth of stuff and had it shipped to our house. It was an odd thing, why would they do that? I called and disputed the charges as I didn’t really want the goods and they opened a case and said more information would be forthcoming.

A week or so later I get a letter saying that they have determined that the charges were legitimate and that they have closed the case.

In the mean time I have $1000 worth of stuff in my house waiting for “further instructions”

I call back in and am a little frustrated at this point. They explain that what the perps are after was the Kohl’s Reward Cash, which also goes into your shopping account as well as gets emailed to you.

I do recall this from the first call, she said that she was going to “get the Kohls Cash quick”… but that was all that was said at that point.

So I reiterate that I did not make the charges but wanted to know what I am supposed to do now.

They said to just return the stuff to the store get my refund and be on my merry way. Easy enough… other than the inconvenience of doing so.

This is where it goes bad.

I return the stuff to the store… but they can’t give me full credit for it because… someone spent the $200 Kohl’s Cash already.

Cue the next phone call while the store manager (who was awesome I might add) works with me trying to resolve the issue… this isn’t the first time they have seen this issue, at this store just the week prior they had another fraud return. I’m guessing there is an exploit on their website somewhere that people have gotten into or something, they didn’t get into our email or anything else… someone needs better site security

I digress.

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Anyway, turns our that the cash was indeed spent, and they track it down to a store literally across the country from me. Guy says “no problem, I will put back in the dispute and they will clear up the $200 no problem… unfortunately I can’t do it, I have to reopen the ticket with the original person running the dispute”

I’m starting to gather that this “original person” is a real moron.

Ok, so I’m happy again. Things will get patched up no problem right?


I get my bill a week or so later, the $200 is still on there and now they want me to pay for it.

I call in again.

This time I’m rather mad, I’ve been kind long enough but this is going on 5 weeks now.

Turns out Original Person decided that since the Kohl’s Cash was indeed delivered to our email address that we MUST have spent it ourselves… somehow teleporting across the country to do so, and also forgetting that the perps had access to our shopping account and got the Cash info as it is instantly delivered with your purchase.

So now I sit again, we spelled out the problem for Mr./Mrs Original Person what the problem is, explaining that it was spent in a different state, and that the shopping account which also contained the cash was compromised.

What other recourse do I have? This stupid card doesn’t have a Visa/MC logo or anything on it. I’m about to shred the whole thing and let it sit out there and dispute it at the credit agency level.

KOHL’S Get your act together and secure your dumb website!


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