La Dépêche: How low can you sink?

by John Ward 


Last weekend, I began Saturday in fine form. At long last, the sun had his hat on. I rang my elder daughter and we had a lovely conversation. The jungle of tree bits brought down in the winter by storms had stared at me accusingly, but been seen off by the Stihl cutter by lunchtime. A group of horse riders came past my property with a lovely, scruffy long-haired Jack Russell in tow – the owner of whom was a truly delicious young lady. I think she quite liked being chatted up by a bloke 3 times her age, but then I’m biased. Just before lunch, I went to pick up a few odds and sods at the local minimart, and spotted this front page:

The above represents an attempt by a “news” paper to smear all those refuseniks suspicious of mRNA experimental heavy side-effect jabs as antisemitic.

Even by the standards of mass media whores, this is a leap (of Evil Knievel proportions) more insulting to reader intelligence than anything I’ve so far seen in this vicious propaganda war. I met and interviewed a great many Gilets Jaunes in 2019; the subject of Jewish influence never came up.

But now – in this latest most foul calumny – the suggestion is that those opposed to medical tyranny of the worst totalitarian kind are Nazis.

You will have have noticed that I circled this demonstrator’s jacket symbol – its Star of David having been used by La Dépêche to suggest a commonality between defenders of bodily freedom and German Third Reich Gauleiters.

Here’s the symbol in close-up:

In France, demonstrations are referred to as ‘manifestations’ – ‘manifs’ in short. It’s blindingly obvious that the featured manif in this picture is saying that vaccine doubters are being given the same demonisation treatment as German Jews (forced to wear yellow ‘Judische’ stars after 1935). Note the clear socio-cultural statement in this close-up: ‘Non Vacciné’.

This is pure George Orwell Newspeak depravity.

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Now the journalists at La Dépêche might all be moronic pond-life; or perhaps they’re working directly on orders from the Elysée Macrofia to print ludicrous slurs against bona fide defenders of civil rights.

Either way, I’m not impressed. This is the last edition of Dépêche I will ever buy, and I urge my French friends who feel the same to boycott the perversion of our media. Such a heinous front page is the action of a desperate President being worked from behind by his neoliberal banking masters.

Meanwhile, the new Establishment Excuse is being developed. Notable in last week’s investment/financial media was a good deal of blather about “cyber attacks being the major threat we face” – this from Jerome Powell and others. The attraction of this lament is obvious: 1. Much scope for demonisation of Russia and China  2. Perfect rational for switching off the Internet – “we have to block the attacks” 3. ‘Enemies’ take the rap to let bankers off the hook 4. Potential to actually suggest there was no bailin, your money was stolen by the Cybernauts. Or, say, “We had to put the money somewhere else to protect you the customer because we’re by your side and….” SFX, sound of vomiting.

The history of the last thirty years has been one of persuading the average citizen to screen out all evidence from his or her own experience, eyes and instincts in favour of groupthink – a state that is really Nothink. Through a mixture of bogus “fact checking” and censorship, all evidence to show the State narrative to be nonsensical is suppressed.

Somewhere between Us and Them is the continuing insistence on ideological catechisms espoused by metropolitan minority mensheviks. Such people claim to support the proletariat, but in fact they despise them, think they make mistakes at elections because they are stupid, and approach all genuinely blue collar convictions in the manner of Kommissars straight from a Pasternak novel.

Now they are busy at Knowing Better by lying at The Nutty Yank Times or Whitewash Post, uttering banal bromides from Hollywood, dismissing Trump as a Russian agent rapist, tickling Borisonian dictatorship, remaining silent in the face of Benito Draghilini….and being happily complicit in lies about the motives of those who want to save Free Speech and Democracy based on real choice.

They embrace reinvented science as a Good Lie of Szechuan, debate Brechtian piffle at their Media Gulch supper parties – and swallow every Brussels lie without so much as a belching afterthought.

They are part of the enemy we should fear – albeit often insouciant – but they’re only no-account capos. Simply persuading just one of them to defect would be a major step in the right direction

Enjoy the new week ahead. More anon.




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