Landslide Approved! Trump Officially Wins Michigan (306 Electors!)

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It’s official: The majority of Michigan voters elected Donald Trump to be the nation’s next president.
According to election totals, Trump won Michigan by .28 percent of the vote — roughly 13,000 votes.
“The vote was 47.59 to Trump and 47.31 for Hillary Clinton,” WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief said live on WWJ Newsradio. “The 16 electoral votes for Michigan go to Donald Trump and the Republicans, the first time that’s happened since 1988.”
Now that the dust has settled, Trump is projected to win 306 electoral votes against Hillary’s 232 (according to Wikipedia). SOUNDS LIKE A LANDSLIDE TO ME!

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Presidential candidate Party Home state Popular vote Electoral
Running mate
Count Pct Vice-presidential candidate Home state Elect. vote
Donald Trump Republican New York 60,261,924 47.30% 306 Mike Pence Indiana 306
Hillary Clinton Democratic New York 60,828,358 47.75% 232 Tim Kaine Virginia 232
Gary Johnson Libertarian New Mexico 4,151,138 3.26% William Weld Massachusetts
Jill Stein Green Massachusetts 1,249,970 0.98% Ajamu Baraka Illinois
Evan McMullin Independent Utah 437,783 0.34% Mindy Finn District of Columbia
Darrell Castle Constitution Tennessee 180,632 0.14% Scott Bradley Utah
Total 127,738,693 100% 538 538
Needed to win 270 270
Electoral vote

Plot Twist: CNN Now Saying That Donald Trump Will Win The Popular Vote; UPDATE: CNN Admits Design Flaw

CNN is now projecting that when all ballots are counted, Donald Trump will win the popular vote. Currently, Clinton is ahead by about 300,000 votes.

CNN projecting that Donald Trump will be the winner of the popular vote as well when 100% of ballots are counted

— Joe Perticone (@JoePerticone) November 10, 2016


3 thoughts on “Landslide Approved! Trump Officially Wins Michigan (306 Electors!)

  1. The last thing liberals had to hang their hat on was the imaginary “popular vote” win, which exists only in a fantasy land they create. Meanwhile, sexual predators are buying safety pins so they can try to get children into their vans. Great thinking, libs, anyone can wear a safety pin. Never has this country seen such a preening group of modern Puritans so eager to signal their virtue to the world while accomplishing nothing of benefit to anyone.
    And, to really add insult, it was people in northern tier states that voted for Obama twice who betrayed you. I guess they want a wall to keep Canadians out, heh.

  2. I have read that all the votes will not be counted. It said once a candidate had enough votes to where the absentee votes did not matter the counting would stop.
    Anyone in the real know that knows the answer and where to get it please let me know.

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