Lara Trump: “Nobody In Russia Probe Used BleachBit Or Destroyed Cell Phones With Hammers.”

by Pamela Williams
Lara Trump, the beautiful wife of Eric Trump, spoke with Martha McCallum of Fox News.  She feels exactly the way most of us on IWB do.  We are pulling for President Trump to take action with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, asking him to investigate Hillary Clinton and her ties with Russia.  Actually this should have been done a long time ago.
Sessions has done nothing but recuse himself and leave President Trump a sitting duck in the Russia probe.   Not only that he talking about confiscating property from the American people in what should be an age old act.  It should never be brought back, and I am appalled that he would do that.
Lara Trump made it very clear that the Trump family are united and baring all for the Country to see.  They have done nothing wrong; therefore, “Nobody in Russia Probe ‘Used BleachBit or Destroyed Cell Phones With Hammers,” Lara proudly told Martha McCallum.
It was great to hear a Trump woman come out and defend her family!
Lara Trump, wife of President Trump’s son Eric, discussed her brother-in-law Jared Kushner’s remarks on Monday.
Trump said that Kushner “never sought the limelight” despite having a large role behind-the-scenes in the president’s campaign.
“He wanted to clarify… to be as transparent as possible,” Trump said.
Trump said everything Kushner has done in regards to the federal investigation have been on-the-level, comparing him to Hillary Clinton’s actions during her email scandal.
“Nobody used BleachBit… Nobody destroyed cell phones with hammers,” she said.
Clinton, previously under investigation for mishandling of classified information, reportedly used an intensive email server cleaner called BleachBit to erase messages.
“It does feel like the world is against us right now, but we’re standing strong,” she said of Robert Mueller’s special investigation into the president.
Regarding former Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s departure, Trump said the former RNC spokesman is “incredible” but that the president thought someone else could handle his messaging better.



Published on Jul 12, 2017
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5 thoughts on “Lara Trump: “Nobody In Russia Probe Used BleachBit Or Destroyed Cell Phones With Hammers.””

  1. The difference to what little was done in the “investigation” of Clinton and all that she did and what is being done to the President and anyone associated with him is like the difference between King Henry VIII never being found to be guilty of adultery by his courts and the Spanish Inquisition burning Jews for not being Catholic.

  2. I can’t believe no one has leaked Obama’s and Clinton’s files yet. You KNOW ALL the players must have their own thick folders of their crimes, let alone ALL the crooked Politicks with their RICO violations! Is their NOT one American Lovin Patriotic American in an Alphabet organization?

      • As of the last time I hauled Special Operatives, Agency people and DEA in 2009 in a Combat Zone there were enough Super Patriotic people at the lower level of these organizations that makes me wonder HOW they keep this ALL capped up!


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