Large list of all the media lies since 2016

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by Hhdhdbdnenen

take any of the extremely partisanarticles from a CNN website and just research them a little bit and you’ll see that most of what CNN claimed isn’t actually true. Half the time CNN will admit that way down on the page when they know you’ve probably never read that far

It’s not just CNN you can look at that from MSNBC

Rachel Maddow being debunked by her own news ticker in real time

fake news blatantly lying amd doctoring footage

Please please comment more and I’ll add th

Aisha Moodie-Mills on MSNBC calling out the new CNN where no one under 45 was polled.

Undaunted By the FaCNN Continues to Push Collusion Conspiracy Theory

When CNN immediately blames Trump for New Zealand.

CNN disguises lobbyist interns and democratic politicians as ” voters and students.”

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