Largest monthly inflow to S&P 500 growth ETF ever! VIX short positioning by speculators is more extreme than it was just prior to the market selloff in Q4 2018.

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Morgan Stanley Sees 70% Chance Of Downturn “As Early As Next Month”

As a result, the probability the US cycle indicator switching from expansion to downturn is the most elevated it’s been since 2005/2006, suggesting an imminent cycle peak. In fact, a backtest shows that the probability of a downturn is now higher than it was either right before the global financial crisis or just before the dot com bust.

Lyft’s Tumbling Stock Is a Worrying Sign for Other Unicorns

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Shares closed 21 percent below Lyft’s $87.24 opening price


Pinterest, Postmates, Slack, Uber are hoping to ride a wave