Las Vegas Casino’s New Normal

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While states begin to implement phased reopening plans, the Nevada Gaming Commission is laying out its agenda to safely bring Sin City back from economic hell.

The gaming control board on Thursday released guidelines for reopening casino restaurants, but there’s still no word on when the gaming can begin. At Caesars Palace, card tables, dice games and even slot machines are being retooled across the casino floor with social distancing and disinfection in mind, Rodio explained.

“We will be deactivating every other slot machine and removing the stool from the game,” he said, standing at an darkened slot machine at the center of three-machine row.

“A customer can’t even stand here and play this game because the game’s not even active, and so we will do that throughout the whole floor.

At card tables, the number of seats will be reduced from six to three, he said. And say goodbye to the classic casino scene of a crowd cheering a winning streak.

“Nobody will be able to be within 6 feet of any of the three customers that are playing,” Rodio said. “You’re certainly not face-to-face.”

Sorry, not going to patronize them until they stop this nonsense!

… large red signs posted remind guests to remain 6 feet apart and encourages — but doesn’t require — them to wear masks.

The dice on craps tables will be cleaned after each roll, and the chips will be frequently sanitized, too, he said. For larger surfaces such as slot machines and elevator banks, employees will be equipped with electronic sprayers (toxic).




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