Las Vegas Shooter Did Not Act Alone – FBI States Multiple Leads Around The World – Paddock Planned Jet Fuel Blast.

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by Ruby Henley
More news is coming out this morning on Stephen Paddocks, and it is not as cut and dried as I thought.  This is a very complex case, and it seems everyone is reporting different aspects of the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States.

  1. Paddocks did not act alone.  FBI reports there are many significant leads around the world with many flights taken by more than one person all over the world.  Possibly, and this is just my opinion, many of Paddocks gambling trips could have been a cover for arms deals and terrorist connections. Was he gunrunner who sold guns to jihadists?
  2. The attack could have been worse.  Paddocks targeted aviation tanks with the intention of blowing them up causing a massive fuel blast. Vegas Strip mass murderer Stephen Paddock used his Mandalay Bay hotel room to fire bullets at jet fuel tanks Sunday night, a knowledgeable source told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  The bullets left two holes in one of two circular white tanks. One of the bullets penetrated the tank, but did not cause a fire or explosion near the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, another knowledgeable source said late Wednesday.  The tanks are roughly 1,100 feet from the concert site, where Paddock killed 58 people and wounded almost 500. Several airplane hangars belonging to prominent corporations are also near the tanks.  
  3. Las Vegas sheriff says there is evidence gunman may have planned escape. 
  4. Authorities are discovering he may have planned out other attacks or dry-runs.  He had previously staked out concerts a week before.  
  5. He had rented another room near the Las Vegas site.

The photo illustration below was taken from:

The below illustration of the other prior targets of Stephen Paddock was taken from

So as we are seeing there is much more to Stephen Paddock that we first thought.
Also, he did not commit suicide, although it is confirmed he did leave some type of note.
It is also confirmed that due to his room order receipt, there were two people in Paddock’s room.
Further, and worst of all, it could have been worse, and thank God to the Hostage Rescue Team, who along with a young man from the wait staff, broke down Paddock’s door and shot him.
Sheriff: Vegas gunman booked room in condo facing Life Is Beautiful festival, headlined by Chance The Rapper & Lorde.
This man was definitely a terrorist, as he was planning to do much more than he had succeeded at doing, but we know now he did not act alone.  He had world ties, and it seems to be they were jihadist ties.  This was an evil man with the worst of intentions.   

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25 thoughts on “Las Vegas Shooter Did Not Act Alone – FBI States Multiple Leads Around The World – Paddock Planned Jet Fuel Blast.

    • Very good information Occams….I truly do not know who to believe, but I do believe that Stephen Paddock was working with Jihadists moving arms. I do not believe he was an innocent man set up by the government.

      • Had a 2 hour meeting last night with my source, and he’d been on the phone all day to his global contacts. Several points discussed:
        Video EVIDENCE clearly denotes 2 weapons firing, as one weapon stops, another is still firing at the same cyclic rate for several seconds, but the sound is different based on location or point of aim being further/directed away, PLUS muzzle flash/full auto coming from 4th floor or so (taxi vid). So this guy was firing left and right handed, through 2 different windows at the same time?
        “You’re a better man than I, Gunga Din”.
        Cops reporting, chasing, and POINTING weapons over their cars – level – NOT ‘up’ – inside the venue, suggesting THEY knew there was a shooter there, too, as many witnesses have reported (reports buried by MSM).
        NO video, whatsoever, released from casinos/hotel/floor cams, etc. All hidden – much like 767 ‘hitting the Pentagon’ where the FBI quickly confiscated 83 traffic cams near the Pent’ – then ‘told us a story’ – like here.
        How were the Jews able to report the event BEFORE it happened, AND make a connection to the shooter’s affiliation with ISIS? (attached). Since ISIS belongs to the US and Israel, an odd misdirection since most now know the truth about these so-called ‘terrorists’.
        Can’t say where I got this – sorry – but someone who has/had access to the death photos ran some software and said he doesn’t believe the corpse is Paddock. Don’t know how to confirm or deny this, but thought I’d mention it in passing.
        Source suggested an INDEPENDENT analysis/forensics of recovered rounds to match the ‘claimed weapons’.
        “Too bad someone didn’t immediately stick a thermometer into the corpse to determine TOD. That could have proved VERY interesting”.
        “Cops arrived within 10 minutes, but took an hour to reach the room? Sounds like – especially with the FBI gagging the LVPD – that they were held back to give time for clean up, dress the set, and for the perps to get safely away.”
        The plot thickens, as they say – and since it’s starting to stink, I’d say the government and/or Israel is involved.
        Cui Bono?
        Watch the vid:

      • I believe also he was workin for ISIS runnin guns but he could of also been a gubermint agent doin so and got compromised. All those cameras ought to show something! This would be Fast and Furious on steroids if this be the case!

      • Well here is some factual information that can be proven repeatable, 100% of the time.
        “Our” main stream media (MSM) is generated north of the Mason Dixon line,
        and they have managed to brainwash the general public into believing
        things that only happen in cartoons. Many people resist through
        cognitive dissonance, not even realizing the truth is more than they
        are willing to grasp. It comes down to this basic statement:
        Aluminum in free space will NOT penetrate a larger piece of rigid structural
        grade building steel at subsonic speed (STP@SL).
        There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true. The other is to refuse to accept what is true.~ Soren Kierkegaard
        The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know
        anything about.~ W. Dyer
        Prof can be seen in history, as a B-25 Mitchell struck the Empire State
        building July 28th, 1945. The facade of the ESB is granite, and
        masonry has negligible tensile strength(<1Ksi). Tensile strength
        is what keeps a material from being pulled apart (penetrated, such as
        Kevlar vest) and structural building steel will withstand over 88Ksi
        (THE strongest tensile strength building material used in quantity,
        even today). The aircraft punched a 18ft x 20ft hole in the facade,
        yet the wing span is over 67 feet. Many publications try to avoid
        discussing the air frame, as it fell to a lower roof terrace and the
        street level. Victims inside stated “The building swung like a
        pendulum for thirty seconds… we had trouble keeping our feet under
        us, as we ran for cover.”
        To arrive at a contradiction is to confess an error in one's thinking;
        to maintain a contradiction is to abdicate one's mind and to evict
        oneself from the realm of reality.~ Ayn Rand
        The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow.~ H. G. Wells
        Having shot a steel car rim with a handgun (44mag), this
        is a clear example of how penetration is not possible. The bullet is
        10x the density of water and travels well above the speed of sound
        (about 1600ft/sec). But we are expected to believe an aluminum
        projectile that floats on water (Sully's airliner in the Hudson
        river, indicating .2 mass density compared to water) and can only
        travel about 500ft/sec, is able to perpetuate over 126 feet through
        steel without stopping. This is absurd, as it would only takes a
        constant force of 50G to stop any projectile moving 500ft/sec, in 63
        feet. Formula 1 cars have recorded survived impacts from 85-140+G,
        crumpling the car body less than 2ft, in 200mph crashes.
        As the kinematic equation shows, 1/2 Mass(Velocity
        squared), the velocity is exponential compared to mass, a linear
        function. From the standpoint of metallurgy, the shear modules of
        aluminum is 25 Gpa, where as basic steel is 70 Gpa. Even the
        construction technique of using sheet metal to fabricate planes,
        lends itself to the dissipation of energy through crumpling.
        Examples can be seen in uni-body construction of cars to meet impact
        safety requirements, a practice started before 1980.
        In conclusion, the carppetbagger's hoax that commercial
        airliners hit the WTC, can easily be disproved by observation of
        physics and metallurgy. Even basic math shows the energy needed
        would be one thousand times greater than a commercial airliner could
        generate, that's three orders of magnitude. NOT PHYSICALLY

    • those Latinos trying to save lives warning of attack are more credible now.they did know something was up.
      perhaps they where Philippians also?

    • The ironclad proof is within 2 hours they were saying “It was a lone shooter, multiple shooters is incorrect” without any fucking investigation whatsoever! I mean that is INCREDIBLE! Las Vegas police deserve medals or something for doing such amazing police, work so efficiently! They sure made Sherlock Holmes look slow, outdated, and his methods no longer required! I mean it took 72 minutes to get to the guy even though he was only 390 ft away, and less time to do a police investigation. Wow!

      • Like within an hour or so of 9/11 ‘they’ knew it was Usama bin Laden?
        Wow. Amazing…..Especially since the FBI never ever did charge him, as there was absolutely no evidence linking him TO 9/11…..obviously.
        Yet Amerikans believe it all – as long as lying politicians and the lying MSM ‘tell them the truth’.

  1. I cannot believe this guy’s whole plan hinged on a .223 or .308 going through those drums from a half mile and setting off a kerosene explosion.

  2. The FACT the police and government were SO DAMN QUICK in coming out and saying “He acted alone” is cause for alarm and a massive red flag.
    There are standard operating procedures for all departments and corporations. Within an hour or so they were saying he was a lone gunman without doing ANY INVESTIGATION despite the FACT many people said there were MULTIPLE SHOOTERS, and video has surfaced of a cab driver who was filming right under the shooter at Mandalay Bay CONFIRMING multiple shooters (you can hear by the gunfire) .
    The FACT they still say there was “no motive” leads me to believe they either knew exactly who he was (one of their agents) or was a total left wing nut job (fired on conservative gun loving crowd).
    He had not worked in 30 YEARS and was a professional gambler? I smell bullshit. Jewish Casinos are there to take money away, not give it.
    Where was he getting all this money from? Is a jew part of the Sayanim network that decided to just fucking do it? The 100 year anniversary of jewish Bolshevism is right upon us. He damn well knew there would be a massive push for gun control after doing this, and the jewish media are trying to paint him as a right wing gun loving nut job, which stinks to high heaven and makes NO SENSE firing on a gun loving conservative crowd.
    That movie “SALT” where “Russian agents” infiltrated the government is probably closer to reality than most people know…..except they are not “Russian” they are jewish mafia agents, and there is probably 20 million of them in the USA now. The motto of hollywood is “write what you know”. A few years from now jews will make a movie out of this incident and completely distort the truth, and any links to anything jewish. They made a movie called “LORD OF WAR” with Nicolas Cage where they made the filthy stinking gun runner out to be some sort of classy James Bond type character, where his parents who immigrated to little oddessa “pretended” to be jewish. He was a jew.
    They media muddy the water and confuse people all the time.
    CUI BONO? IT’S ALL ABOUT GUN CONTROL….who is pushing that harder than anyone on the planet?

  3. Aviation fuel would not explode as it has JP5 JP8 to keep this from happening. It is a special formulation. Diesel does not explode either. The JP5 fuel is designed not to explode on impact like copter crashes that really happen and airliner crashes. Only in Hollywood land do copters crash and burn and planes crash and burn. With him being a plane owner he would use that fuel and know it would not explode. The fuel needs an external ignition source…and not a bullet. You would have to walk up to the tank and set it alight with a zippo!!! He could probably not even rupture the tank as they are quite thick walled to begin with.

    • Agree 100% and posted this on another Ruby article. He may of used an Armor Piercing/Incinarary round that the military has a few of. I doubt they can be bought without goin deep into the black market. Did he use THESE?

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