Last time Government intervened it didn’t stop market fall


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Investor Dan Niles Believes It’s Still a Long Way for Stocks to Bottom

Dan Niles of AlphaOne Capital Partners said Friday that he doesn’t trust the bounces the stock market has seen and thinks the market is still a long way from a bottom.

31% of People Aren’t Confident They Can Pay for Housing If Recession Hits

Unemployment claims jumped this week, an early sign that coronavirus will likely hit Americans hard — and many are already fearful they won’t be able to pay major bills, like housing, if the economy tumbles.

World’s Top Debt Funds Lose Billions in Coronavirus Rout

Coronavirus has hit the world’s biggest debt funds, which have lost billions of dollars in value, Morningstar data shows, while one smaller fund shed half its value in a little over two weeks.

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The Crash Of 2000 Is Now Worse Than The Great Depression

The US stock market has crashed faster than both the Great Depression and Black Monday, and in terms of the total drawdown, the crash of 2020 is now worse than 1929 and is fast approaching 1987.

Goldman: Unprecedented Stop in Economic Activity, Q2 GDP Contracting 24%

Goldman economists had expected a decline of 5% in the second quarter, but they said social distancing measures have affected many sectors and will hit hard.

Global Banks Get Stressed Like Never Before

As the economic impact of radical steps to curb the coronavirus worsens, the challenge will be to keep the banking sector part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

‘Demand Destruction’: Analysts Race to Lower Outlooks for Oil

“Economic growth and oil demand will weaken further before they recover, which can only happen once social distancing measures are lifted,” said Amrita Sen, chief oil analyst at Energy Aspects.