Last week’s SPY Fund Flows Show Largest Outflow Since the Drop

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by gobigorange86

This week’s SPY fund flows, though, are quite interesting – and perhaps? suggest the bull gang momentum is waning. I’m not saying gung ho the drop cometh, but interesting stat to chew on.

Weekly SPY FUND FLOWS since 1/19/2020 (week beginning):

  • 1/19-1/25 : $1,987 mil outflow
  • 1/26-2/1: $57.4 mil outflow
  • 2/2-2/8: $1,320 mil outflow
  • 2/9-2/15: $1,083 mil inflow
  • 2/16-2/22: $770 mil outflow
  • 2/23-2/29: $21,031 mil outflow (!)
  • 3/1-3/7: $909 mil inflow
  • 3/8-3/14: $5,962 mil inflow
  • 3/15-3/21: $3,364 mil inflow
  • 3/22-3/28: $36 mil outflow
  • 3/29-4/4: $1,730 mil outflow
  • 4/5-4/11: $2,885 mil inflow
  • 4/12-4/16: $3,676 mil outflow (just thru Thursday)

$16,406,660,000 less in total value in SPY from 1/19 thru 4/16.

12.9% lower share price since then, but 17.5% lower assets since then. Overpriced. Put another way, if these assets on the sidelines magically rush back in it will push prices even higher than we were before.

Data’s not available for Friday, and probably considerable inflow at the end of the day is going to balance this crazy shit out for the week, but still end lower.

Lots of numbers. Probably mostly bullshit. PS – think about selling call credit spreads to limit your theta exposure as you wait for the drop.



Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.


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