Latest Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Report on Operations in Ukraine

by Chris Black

 – In the course of successful offensive operations against Ukrainian nationalists, Russian military personnel capture a large number of man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems of various types.

 – Yesterday, another Igla MANPADS were seized in the Kherson region.  Ukrainian nationalists, hastily retreating from their positions, abandoned these complexes in boxes along with other weapons and ammunition.

 – At present, a check of the serial numbers of MANPADS abandoned by Ukrainian nationalists has been organized to establish the supplier country of these weapons from Eastern Europe

 – The Kyiv nationalist regime, uncontrollably distributing man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems received from European countries and the United States, creates a long-term threat of terrorist attacks on civilian aircraft.  This applies not only to Ukraine, but above all to European countries that send hundreds of mercenaries and neo-Nazis to participate in hostilities.

 – Russian servicemen will continue to search for and seize MANPADS abandoned by nationalists to prevent terrorists from getting lethal weapons and their subsequent removal from Ukraine

 – During the day, aviation and air defense of the Russian Aerospace Forces shot down three unmanned aerial vehicles in the air, including two – “Bayraktar TB-2”

 – Operational-tactical and army aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit 82 objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.  Including: four control points and a communication center, three anti-aircraft missile systems;  one S-300, one Buk M-1 and one Osa, three ammunition depots and fuel and lubricants, as well as 63 places of accumulation of military equipment.

 – In total, during the operation, 3346 objects of the military infrastructure of Ukraine were put out of action.


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 121 unmanned aerial vehicles,

 1067 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles,

 114 multiple launch rocket systems,

 412 field artillery pieces and mortars,

 862 units of special military vehicles.

 – A group of DPR troops, with fire support from the Russian Armed Forces, went to the settlements of Novoandreevka, Kirilovka and blocked Blagodatnoe.  Promotion in depth was 8 kilometers.

 – The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, continuing the offensive on a wide front, reached the Novodonetskoye – Novomayorskoye – Yegorovka line. 

 The advance was 11 kilometres.


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