Global Holodomor?

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by Chris Black

John Kerry, Biden’s “Climate Czar”:

“Wait until you see 100 million people for whom the entire food production capacity has collapsed.”


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– Russia and Ukraine export 30% of the world’s grain and 19% of the world’s corn.

– Russia is the second biggest fertilizer producer worldwide and exports 13% of the world’s potash.

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– Russia also exports 10% of the world’s oil.

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Just how many psyop narratives are being wrapped into Russia v Ukraine war? There’s the Eurasia vs Oceania “multipolarity” bullshit, biological weapons (more pandemics?), global famines and food chain collapse, energy collapse, and replacement migration.

Not to mention both countries are on board with Agenda 21/2030 and dominated by le tribe.

It all seems a little too coincidental to me.

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