Laugh of the day! Xi Jinping Demands Leadership of ‘Global War’ Against China’s Coronavirus

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Speaking at a “virtual summit” of G20 leaders on Tuesday, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping gave a speech stressing the “shared future” of humanity and demanding leadership in the “global war” against the Wuhan coronavirus.

Needless to say, Xi’s speech did not address the origins of the virus or the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) role in spreading it. Instead, Xi framed all such questions as petty squabbling that distract from the urgency of controlling the pandemic.

The CCP’s party-controlled People’s Daily went overboard hammering Xi’s themes home by mixing lines from his speech with quotes from other speeches, exchanges with world leaders, and open letters he has written. This had the unintended effect of spotlighting how Xi and other CCP officials keep repeating the same lines over and over again, all of them effectively translating to “stop blaming China for the virus, stop questioning our absurd claims to have beaten it after only a few thousand infections, and give us a position of global leadership as the world’s top coronavirus fighters.”



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