Laundering Through Ukraine and ESG – a Shadow Government Is Coming for Your Money

I’ve talked before about the shadow government promised to the Partners of Goldman-Sachs in a speech by Hillary Clinton, the transcripts of which were found in John Podesta’s email and then leaked to the public. In the speech, Hillary Clinton promised to create a kind of Board of Directors consisting of the Big Banks, Corporate America (including Big Tech and the mainstream media), and members of the actual government. This board would run the country – including by running the government (which would effectively report to it).

Those plans changed when Donald Trump won that election, but I have suggested on several occasions that Hillary Clinton’s promised board may still have convened – and then Time Magazine outed this group with its ‘Well Funded Cabal’ article, which according to Time Magazine colluded to ensure that Donald Trump would lose the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

Neither the speech nor the ‘Well Funded Cabal’ are conspiracy theories. Both are confirmed as real. Whether or not the ‘Well Funded Cabal’ is the board Hillary Clinton spoke of is a matter of conjecture. Still, Time Magazine’s description of that ‘Cabal’ is the same as Hillary Clinton’s description of her board. When we hear the exact same (often false) messaging from the government, the mainstream media, Big Tech, and Corporate America, certainly some group is behind it. I believe such a shadow government exists, and that such a shadow government is part of a larger one-world shadow government consisting of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. I don’t believe China and Russia are a part of this New World Order (I may be wrong on that), but I do think both China and Russia work with this shadow government when and where interests are aligned.

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I believe that this shadow government is funded through money laundering. By now, most people know how Neocons in the Democratic and Republican parties have sent almost $80 billion in military aid to Ukraine, and how billions of that money was then laundered through Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange into the campaign funds (and likely the personal accounts) of those Neocons in the Democratic and Republican parties.

Unfortunately for the Neocons, Sam Bankman-Fried was also making fraudulent accounting records to launder that money into other businesses, and ultimately, to himself. There was not enough money in Sam Bankman-Fried’s Ponzi scheme, so it collapsed, ending the Neocon laundering scheme. The same Neocons are coming after our pensions and 401k savings next.

For those who have not heard about the Ukraine money laundering operation, the way it worked was as follows. The President, with Congressional support, was (still is) sending billions and billions of dollars to Ukraine. Congress passed laws making it illegal to track how any of that money was spent. Some of it may have been spent on the war (we also gave Ukraine billions and billions in military hardware), but much of it was ‘invested’ into the FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange and was then ‘donated’ by Sam Bankman-Fried into the campaign coffers (and likely the personal accounts) of Neocons from the Democratic and Republican parties.


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