Laura Ingraham on Trump’s Insane Spending Bill, Why would he even think of signing it?

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Trump has lost his mind!

Read his Twitter, he is signing it.

If Trump Does Not Veto OMNIBUS For The Wall He Will Fall & Will Not Be Put Back Together Ever Again

Omnibus bills are complete and total bullshit!

As are earmarks, signing statements, and the like.

These are the tools of anti-american traitors who say things like: “In order to read the bill we have to pass it”.

Paul Ryan is a cucking f*ck. Mitch McConnell is a snake waddling about in a barely fitting skin suit.

Both are traitors.



So unfair the public didnt get to read it until now

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Democrats Claiming Total Victory in 2018 Omnibus Fight

Democrats are trying to restrain their gloating over their many wins in the 2018 omnibus battle, including new language to limit border wall construction to just 33 extra miles.
“We’re feeling very good about this,” said the Democrats’ Senate leader, Sen. Chuck Schumer, who has stepped up his opposition to a border wall since President Donald Trump was elected in 2016. “We’ve accomplished many, many, many of our goals.” He added:

When it’s unveiled, you will see. We’re not going to get into any more details.

Those gains include roughly half a billion dollars for the huge “Gateway” tunnel in Schumer’s New York — and language shrinking Trump’s wall construction on the border to just 33 miles of fences and riverside levees in 2018. At that rate of construction, it will take 22 years to complete Trump’s border-wall plan.

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The Democrats’ grins echo their triumph in the December 2015 budget fight when Democratic leaders hid their gains from rank-and-file Democratic legislators to preempt celebrations before the deal was sealed. After the 2015 deal was sealed, Schumer boasted: “Almost anything the Republican leadership in the Senate achieved this year, they achieved on Democratic terms… Democrats had an amazingly good year.”

According to Politico, the 2018 omnibus bill:




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