Laura Loomer and Illegal Aliens Seek Sanctuary at SpeakerPelosi’s CA Mansion…. UPDATE: Illegals Cited, Gavin Newsom Next

From the PJW article:

Controversial journalist Laura Loomer has brought an “illegal alien caravan” to Nancy Pelosi’s house to highlight the House Speaker’s hypocrisy after she called walls immoral.

Loomer’s stunt involved her collecting a group of illegals and traveling with them to Pelosi’s California vineyard estate.

Loomer spray painted the world “immorality” on a tent above photos of American citizens killed by illegal aliens.


What a hypocrite, she wants illegals to cross our American border, but oh, don’t cross her border, okay then. Everyone can argue, ” Well, y’all knew you were trespassing, so what did you expect.” That’s the point of the border of United States. Switch Nancy Pelosi into Laura’s role here today, and switch Nancy’s border, with the U.S. border. Why is it okay Nancy Pelosi to lead the illegals into OUR BACKYARD, to offer them sanctuary.


h/t BFD & DF