Lauren Southern: Mommy & Daddy Government – The End Of Individualism

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Josh Sigurdson sits down with Lauren Southern to talk about the increasing dependency of the Marxist left as the mainstream pumps up collectivist ideology.
It’s easy to promote getting free things. This is why the Marxist ideology became so powerful in the 20th century. Well, as if no one learned from the past hundred years, we are seeing the beginning of another October Revolution happening before our eyes among privileged trust fund brats at college campuses throughout the United States, Canada and Britain.
It is so convenient for the political establishment to promote complete servitude under the guise of “a helping hand”. Under the guise of “fairness.”
From gender roles and the denial of masculinity to clashing cultures and races together, we are on the cusp of a very dangerous time indeed. And it’s all manufactured.
Lauren Southern breaks down her thoughts on this unfortunate growing trend and what she believes to be the main agenda driving this desperate belief in centralized power.
She also goes into her new film “Farmlands” and the struggle and dangers white farmers face in South Africa.
Yup! It’s one of those videos. Open your mind and listen. There’s lots to be learned from everyone, even if you don’t entirely agree with their point of view.
Stay tuned for more video from Anarchapulco in Acapulco, Mexico!

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