Lauren Southern on Twitter: … I was asked about my Christianity and whether I'm a radical. I was also asked how I feel about running Muslims over with cars.

This customs enforcement did more to make Ms. Southern’s trip a success than anything she could have possibly achieved there on her own.
Free Speech in The United Kingdom is Dead

On Friday 9th March 2018, Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone of Generation Identity were detained at Luton Airport by authorities for reportedly “causing tension between local communities” and “inciting hatred” despite no crime being committed.
Sellner flew to the UK on Friday to give a speech at Speakers Corner in London, an area which claims to be open for public discussion and debate but this no longer seems to be the case.Authorities deemed  Sellner to be such a threat to public safety with his speech they detained him on arrival to the UK without any foreknowledge of the contents of said speech. Ironic it is that the speech in question was on the topic of free speech, which we have now seen the proof as being too controversial a topic for Britain to countenance.
Lauren Southern revealed that she has been in contact with Brittany Pettibone while in detention. Brittany explained how the police have detained both of them separately on the fact they have “right-wing opinions” and was planning to meet Tommy Robinson to conduct an interview.