Lawsuit Alleged Against MGM Grand – CEO Says “Stick With Vegas” – Engineer Stephen Schuck Called For Help – No One Called The Authorities.

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by Ruby Henley
The following report consists of facts I believe to be of absolute importance in understanding the Las Vegas massacre; also, in clarifying underlying facts involving the alleged liability of MGM Grand.  The first lawsuit has been filed, and it basically alleges fault with MGM Grand, owner of the Mandalay Hotel..  The characters I have pointed out in this report each play an integral role in the incident.  
“Call the police, someone is firing a gun up here. Someone is firing a rifle on the 32nd floor down the hallway,” engineer Stephen Schuck can be heard saying on audio tapes released Wednesday by the hotel. Schuck has an amazing testimony, and you can hear it on video in this report.
Schuck is speaking out now, although Jesus Campos is under a gag order.  At the same time, MGM Resorts Chief Executive Officer Jim Murren used a public appearance after last week’s massacre at one of his properties to ask convention organizers to stick with Las Vegas.  He did not comment on the actual shooting.
Where does the fault lie?  Could Stephen Paddock have been stopped? That question will be answered  in a court of law soon.  There has been so much confusion surrounding the timeline, but I do think with Stephen Schuck coming forward he is bringing clarity to the time he told the Mandalay staff to call the police versus the actual time they did so. QUOTE
California college student injured in the Las Vegas music festival massacre filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the hotel owners, the concert promoter and bump stock manufacturers, claiming they were all liable in the mass shooting.
The claims against MGM Resorts International, which owns both Mandalay Bay and the concert venue that hosted the festival, raise more questions about a timeline that has changed numerous times — and, according to Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, could change again. The suit also questions why hotel staff didn’t notice the shooter’s behavior in several instances.
Specifically, the lawsuit accuses MGM, of failing to respond in a timely manner to the “shooting of Mandalay Bay security officer Jesus Campos, who had gone to the 32nd floor to check on an alert from another guest room and who was shot six minutes prior to” the massacre beginning.
The lawsuit, which also names the shooter’s estate and other entities, comes as an MGM employee says he owes his life to Campos’ heroism, and as Lombardo tells the local newspaper that he refuses “to say that somebody dropped the ball.”END OF QUOTE
Stephen Paddock’s family are in the process of trying to secure his estate from outside sources such as those suing MGM Grand.  Hopefully they will not be able to do this, as certainly the estate of Stephen Paddock is liable.
In 2016 the CEO of MGM Grand, Jim Murren, was heavily criticized by a Las Vegas association called Land and Buildings. It is a registered investment manager specializing in publicly traded real estate and real estate related securities. Land and Buildings seeks to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns by opportunistically investing in securities of global real estate and real estate related companies, leveraging its investment professionals’ deep experience, research expertise and industry relationships.  QUOTE:  
CEO & Chair Murren’s Credibility Discount on Display this Summer
Investors need to look no further than the recent $325 million purchase by MGM Resorts of MGM China stock from MGM China’s Co-Chairman Pansy Ho to understand how Mr. Murren undermines investor confidence. Why was it necessary for MGM Resorts to pay a 17%, or $50 million, premium to purchase MGM China stock from Pansy Ho? Was it to provide Pansy Ho with capital to buy shares in MGM Resorts from the estate of MGM’s largest shareholder Kirk Kerkorian? Was this another entrenchment maneuver to hand Pansy Ho, a friendly shareholder of Mr. Murren, 4.8% ownership of MGM Resorts so Mr. Murren could count on her vote to secure his position as Chairman and CEO of MGM?
Why would Mr. Murren, who committed to reducing leverage at MGM Resorts, invest $325 million in MGM China stock above a 14x multiple when he could have purchased MGM Resorts at 7x multiple? It is self-evident to us that Mr. Murren cannot be trusted with shareholder capital.END OF QUOTE
I found the above information while researching on the owners of MGM GRAND. Instead of worrying so much about investments, maybe they needed to worry more about security cameras, metal detectors, and keeping their guests safe.
I found some further information about the political leanings of CEO Jim Murren.  I found that he pressed his employees to make donations to some Far Left organizations. Murren had sent a letter to his hotel staff in August commenting on the bigotry of the Charlottesville incident.  QUOTE:
I want to express this commitment, Murren said, MGM Resorts will match employees’ donations to the Southern Poverty Law Center, NAACP, Anti-defamation League, Human Rights Campaign, Council on American Islamic Relations, Asian Pacific American Advocates and the League of United Latin American Citizens.  END OF QUOTE
This must have been especially difficult for those, who did not support such groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Council on American Islamic Relations.  I would have felt hard pressed to make such a donation.
I consider the Southern Poverty Law Center to be a Far Left hate group.  QUOTE
For years I have warned that SPLC uber-left hate machine had one objective and one objective only: to destroy people who reject leftism, socialism, and collectivism. There are no lengths they won’t go to smear, defame and libel patriots, veterans, family groups and those of us who oppose jihad and sharia.
But who gave them the power to destroy? Why is this seditious anti-American, anti-freedom organization considered trustworthy by elites in the media and academia? Who watches the watchman?The SPLC should be relegated to the very fringe of society like the nazi ghosts they pretend to hunt.END OF QUOTE
We are seeing politicians already using this tragedy to introduce Bill HR 3999, which will tamper with the  Second Amendment.  Stephen Paddock was a Deep State operative who performed a terrorist act.  It is absolutely an outrage to make the American people pay for something this evil man did. The Second Amendment belongs to the people of the United States, who are law abiding citizens!
In understanding the timeline of the Las Vegas massacre, it is important to hear it…as reported from one of the original Mandalay staffers, who first heard the shooting on the 32nd floor of the hotel. QUOTE:
LAS VEGAS — A hotel maintenance worker says he told hotel dispatchers to call the cops before the Vegas gunman opened fire from his broken windows.
Stephen Schuck, a building engineer at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, was on the 32nd floor when the Las Vegas mass shooting began.
He tells TODAY that he had been called to check on an exit door and was walking down the hallway when “I started to hear shots ring out” and Stephen Paddock “popped out and yelled at me to take cover.”  He adds “I am incredibly blessed that somehow I came out of there alive.”

Stephen’s testimony is incredible, and he is truly a hero.  God bless him for coming forward.  God keep him safe.  Please watch the video, as in it you will hear Stephen give Jesus Campos credit for being a hero.  I would say they both are very heroic human beings.
In conclusion,  I want to stress the following report:
QUOTE:  An anonymous source who has reviewed the records told ABC’s “World News Tonight” that employees initially refused to alert authorities — even after security guard Jesus Campos took a bullet to the leg.
Campos reportedly alerted his superiors and informed them about Paddock after being shot by him, but strangely, nobody called the cops, the source said.
In addition, security staffers failed to notify police when Mandalay Bay maintenance engineer Stephen Schuck told them that he, too, was being fired at.
“Call the police, someone is firing a gun up here. Someone is firing a rifle on the 32nd floor down the hallway,” Schuck can be heard saying on audio tapes released Wednesday by the hotel.
The engineer reportedly radioed his employers, letting them know what happened and what room Paddock was in, after being asked by the hotel to do so. Yet nobody did anything.
I am going to post the following video, as it seems to point out observations I had not previously seen. It is difficult to watch, but it is a step by step account of exactly what took place that tragic night.  God rest the souls of those who lost their lives, and may God continue to give strength to us all.

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14 thoughts on “Lawsuit Alleged Against MGM Grand – CEO Says “Stick With Vegas” – Engineer Stephen Schuck Called For Help – No One Called The Authorities.

  1. I do want to say please watch the last video in this article, as it shows helicopters which seem to be carrying shooters. Folllow it carefully. Something that bothers me is that as the first shots were fired, and it is not from Stephen Paddock that I can tell, eventually the music stops and Aldean says he will be back up soon. That is when the continuous fire starts. But even as the crowd moves away from the resort, it seem that the helicopter follows them….I need some of you guys to analyze this video. There is definitely more than one shooter, and there is definitely a helicopter. Yet, if this is true, it is not being reported in the press that I have found.

    • I just finished putting the pieces of the puzzle together, or at least for me. It will be published in a few minutes. I went out on a limb, but I believe in what I said. You may even approve, Occams.

  2. I just finished my last article on the Las Vegas massacre. It is my bottom line. After doing this article, I really have nowhere else to go. It is a stand alone piece for me that is very soul based, too. It is both shocking but truthful. Truth has now replaced conspiracy.

    • Don’t give up Sista. Info will continue to dribble in over time. Also Don’t give up on Seth Rich, Podesta’s emails and Monica Petersen. They’re ALL are part of this corrupt Satanic system we are under!

      • Mac, as long as I am alive, and as long as IWB will publish me, I will never give up. But I have made my final conclusion in the Las Vegas massacre. It has just come out clearly CIA/DEEP STATE/NEW WORLD ORDER. lN FACT, MARILOU DANLEY IS CIA.

        • I have been lookin closely for connections of Danely and I have only found that she supposedly goes to mass regularly, who knows if that is true, could even be cover, and she allegedly has two sons with Islamic first names.
          They have been pallin around for a years, so a logical explanation is if Paddock was laundering money for a major organization, they would have two do it so one doesn’t skate with da MONEY. She was quite a looker in da day so it sounds like a good way to continue to make money. All this is JUST a guess based on real live livin. No way Paddock made money as a big roller with out gittn banned from the Casinos he was a regular in..
          Your article with the Casino ownership was good also. Keep an eye out for the alleged Soros, UAE connections also. Ownership is often buried deep I these corporations.
          Don’t make any final conclusions yet. These Satanic Scum are great at subterfuge.

  3. I wish I had audio on my computer. If the helicopters were firing on people, perhaps where the belt fed machine gun fire came from I heard on a previous recording. Also id single shots were also made from the helicopters perhaps it was a hit to take out a certain person using their cell phone as a homing beacon to track him from the air.
    THEY took out US Represenative Larry McDonald on KAL 007 and killed almost 300 others to do so. This would be nothing to them.
    I still suspect an arms deal gone bad to Islamic Terrorist.
    If any one can find out more info on the security guard, it would be helpful. Like how long was he employed there, what was his position, bottom rung or much higher? Did he have previous military and combat experience? If so, what are the odds he was Paddocks back up and thing went bad and he escaped with his life? Why was the Maintenance man not on a gag order also?
    I have no idea what happened but THEY proved it is a conspiracy of some sort, just WHAT?

    • When you read my new article, you will see my final conclusion, and you will understand why I really have no further to go on this except to report on their trying to get at our Second Amendment. The fact is I have figured out what is happening overall, and all else means equally the same now. Truth has replaced conspiracy. I am a little concerned that I have gone too far, but it seems nowadays I am being pushed by the Lord to go ahead and speak out. Oh, Mac I am not through will those stories, but the Las Vegas massacre was done for one purpose and for one purpose only….blood sacrifice and to move in on our Second Amendment Rights.

      • Yes, me Lady, you have gone too far and undoubtedly have a reservation at the FEMA Camp showers when the time comes. However, what good is your earthly life when your eternal soul is at stake? G-d has called you to speak Truth to Power. Not to do so is a slap at G-d. You don’t want to do a Jonah do you?
        My gut tells me it is a whole lot more than just a gun grab. If it was we would be seein pictures and hearin testimonies of the dead and injured and their survivors constantly. As it is THEY sacrificed WineSwine to git it off the news. Even the Talk Shows are NOT covering it anymore. WHY?
        As for Blood Sacrifice Satan demands it. We, founded as a moral Christian Nation have scarified over 50 million babies to Moloch. Every time the Socialist/Commies git power THEY murder Millions. This time when the Progressives git TOTAL control of their NWO THEY will murder Millions of Americans and BILLIONS around da WORLD!
        America must be destroyed by THEM so as to implement their Global plan, just as foretold in Revelation! First THEY removed G-d from the public and most of the people, then they destroyed the Family, next it is the country.
        G-d Speed with ya Sista!

  4. Stephen Schuck was quoted: and Stephen Paddock “popped out and yelled at me to take cover.”
    Since when does a mass shooter warn a target victim , , to take cover ? ? Was Schuck not on the list ? Am I missing something ?

    • Thanks, I scratched my head on dat one also. Also why does the maintance man NOT have a gag order like the security cop? How much more did the Security cop see? Please keep an eye out on the Security Man’s background. If it was an arms deal gone bad, could he have been Paddocks backup?
      And is he correct that Paddock was still alive to have yelled for him to git cover? This thing just keeps on gittin crazier. If he is correct why did he want to kill just the security man and not the maintenance man also. No LOL!

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