Patricia Muth – No Trump Tax Cuts Will Cause Market Meltdown, We the People vs. the Swamp

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Author Patricia Muth, who is also a former floor trader for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, thinks that the establishment is afraid of President Trump being successful. Muth contends, “That’s absolutely right. People are strongly supporting Trump, and the more the establishment bucks him, the stronger the people become. The faith in God is what is moving all of this. . . . If the tax plan doesn’t go through, and major corporations . . . are counting on that happening, if it doesn’t go through, I think we have a different ball game as far as the markets go.”
So, if we get the Trump tax cuts, Muth says the economy could “take off.” If we don’t get those tax cuts? Muth says, “We should buckle in, and Congress should really buckle in because they are going to be in for a tough ride.”
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Patricia Muth, author of the new book called “A Title in the Making.”
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  1. WE WILL FLOOD the SWAMP with MAGA WARRIORS, with TRUMP or without him MAGA WINS!!
    He started something he can NOT control!!!
    every FLOP on his PROMISES and EVERY CHEAT for the Isralies MAKES MAGA STRONGER!!!

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