Reporter to Clinton: ‘So You’re Still Blaming Others More Than Yourself? Hysterical!

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If you don’t want to watch the entire 1:52 seconds:
* The question is asked at 1:05.
* Her response is at 1:08
* Set your courser at 1:08, and play through 1:11
* Click and replay over, and over, and over.
It’s freakin’ HYSTERICAL!!
Somebody…P-L-E-A-S-E remix this video!

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4 thoughts on “Reporter to Clinton: ‘So You’re Still Blaming Others More Than Yourself? Hysterical!

  1. She lost because she was exposed as the worst political crook in recent history. Doesn’t matter who leaked the emails. Thank goodness they did. She will never admit she was exposed as a crook(why she lost). Now, she has to “buy” any respect she gets with that fat Clinton Foundation checkbook or she would have none at all which is obvious in this interview(Ha-ha). It crosses my mind sometimes that the “big boys” allowed the leaks because it became obvious to them she would take over everything, including them. By assassination or otherwise. Maybe even the deep state got worried. After all, she wouldn’t even listen to her campaign professionals and still cast blame towards them.

  2. She is slowly beginning to take on the image of Madeline ‘I don’t care if 500,000 Iraqi kids died’ Albright. Must be something about having no soul.

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