Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Thinks THIS is the Only Path to Victory for Trump

Lawyer Alan M. Dershowitz believes President Trump only has ONE path to victory. He predicts the goal of the Trump legal team isn’t to earn 270 Electoral College votes for the president.
They need to tie up enough states in the courts to bring BIDEN down below 270. If BIDEN drops below 270, the election is null and this goes to the house.

In the Constitution Amendment 12 states that the vote for president will go to the house of representatives. Democrats have the majority in the house but the Constitution goes on… each state in congress gets one vote, not each representative… each state gets one vote for the president. Well, there are 50 states in the house, of those 50, 37 are republican so they vote republican, they can’t vote any other way. At that moment a republican congress will officially and constitutionally vote in the next president. Let that sink in for minute…All legal, why do you think Trump has not conceded. He knows.

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