Lawyers File For Grand Jury Investigation Into 9/11

by Chris

Well, this is an interesting development.  Lawyers working for 9/11 families have filed a petition to open a Grand Jury inquiry into 9/11.

The summary and supporting evidence are really quite strong, at least arguing very successfully that an inquiry is at least justified:

Here’s how this was written up in Activistpost:

The evidence that is put forward in the petition includes the following:

  • Independent scientific laboratory analysis of WTC dust samples showing the presence of high-tech explosives and/or incendiaries in the form of thermite or thermate.
  • Expert analysis of seismic evidence that explosions occurred at the WTC towers on 9/11 prior to the airplane impacts on the WTC Towers, and prior to the building collapses.
  • Technical analysis of video evidence of the WTC building collapses.
  • Firefighter reports of explosions, and of seeing “molten iron like in a foundry.”
  • The petition states that the presence of molten iron would require temperatures higher than jet fuel and building contents could create when burned, but consistent with the use of the high tech explosive and incendiary thermite or thermate.
  • The presence of previously molten iron microspheres, which have been established by electron microscope analysis of WTC dust samples, by both government and independent scientists, is another phenomenon that would be scientifically impossible based on the burning of jet fuel and office contents alone.
  • Video and eyewitness testimony of the ejection during the collapse of WTC 1 and 2 of heavy steel elements laterally from the buildings which would not be possible from a gravity collapse.
  • Scientific analysis, eyewitness testimony, and government reports confirming sulfidation and high-temperature corrosion of the steel found in the rubble after the collapse of the WTC towers and WTC 7, a phenomenon not expected in a jet fuel fire and gravity collapse but consistent with the use of thermate and high explosives.

After the petition was delivered, the Lawyers’ Committee delivered a press conference outside of the New York District Court, along with families of the victims.

Footage from the press conference can be seen below: None of the evidence put forward in the petition was presented or considered in the “9/11 Commission,” which was initially appointed to investigate the collapse of the towers.

In the years since the attacks, the Commission has been exposed as a fraud, with many of its own members speaking out against the official story.

According to a 2006 report from The Washington Post, most of the people who oversaw this commission believed they were being lied to, and even held a secret meeting about referring the matter to the Department of Justice.

I’ve not noticed any new evidence or data presented of which I was not already aware, but it’s a pretty solid distillation of the most provable and puzzling aspects of 9/11 each of which contradicts the official narrative, but collectively point to something far darker afoot in the official version.

If there’s nothing to hide, then why not have another investigation, even if all that happens is we put to rest some troubling details?

This has been my stance all along; 9/11 was the largest criminal action undertaken against the US on its own soil, and also the most poorly investigated.  So why not investigate it properly?  What possible harm could result to those who believe the official narrative besides being proven correct?


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