Leading Cannabis Companies to Embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Significantly Boost Global Sales

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According to a new report by CBM Capital, the Cannabis industry is set to embrace the contribution Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making on the global economy. By 2030, AI is set to contribute up to %15.7 trillion to the global economy according to PWC. Now, some of the global leaders in the Cannabis industry are finding ways to integrate AI into their infrastructure. From speeding up growing and production processes, reducing errors, improving energy efficiency in crops, all the way to streamlining global sales, it’s easy to see how AI is the perfect match for the Cannabis industry.

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Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is taking major leaps in its AI integration and already uses machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence, for the speech and image recognition services it provides through its Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud-computing platform. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has also highlighted the use of machine learning to improve how the company forecasts product demand, product search rankings on its website, and deal recommendations.

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