Leading Economic Indicators Flashing Warning Signals About the Global Economy Going Forward

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Jason talks about leading economic indicators like demand for chemicals for the auto, housing and electronics as well as Chinese demand for chemicals flashing warning signals and FedEx, who ships goods for consumers and businesses all over the world warning about problems increasing in the EU and a general global economic slowdown outside of the US.

Paul Hodges, chairman of International eChem gave a very interesting interview for Real Vision TV in early December about how chemical demand for the auto, housing and electronics industry is already down a lot and either about to enter a recession or already in a recession.

Also, FedEX just announced Q3 earnings and they gave a warning for guidance for the European economy finance.yahoo.com/news/econom…

1) Jim Chanos says there’s something wrong with the stock market when rates this low cause panic www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/12/13/j…
2) ‘I think it is a bear market’: Jeffrey Gundlach sees new lows for S&P 500 business.financialpost.com/in…
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The Fed has destroyed the market. Here we are standing at the precipice, staring down. Just a gust of wind and it’s over. But the Fed is the reason the markets are broken in the first place and somehow they must be the solution. A difficult situation, no doubt. What do you think the Fed is going to do?


Top US economist Stephen Moore told Bulls and Bears on Tuesday they should all be fired for economic malpractice.


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