LEAKED LEAK-PREVENTION: Apple Is Making Employees Wear Body Cams To Avoid Leaks.

In what seems to be a comically strict response to leakers, Apple is making its employees wear police-grade body cameras to avoid leaks.

Front Page Tech first reported the story, and it comes just days after Apple warned credible leaker Kang against leaking unreleased products.

Apple Employees Wearing Body Cams

Apple has reportedly slapped Axon 2 police-grade body cameras onto some of their teams. It is obvious that the sweet confidential leaks get in the hands of leakers through Apple employees.

So the company has decided to stop the leaking right at the source. Sounds reasonable, considering Apple has a lot to lose if something crucial were to get out.

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However, the body camera decision is overkill. Before it gets confusing, let us clarify that Apple isn’t making all the employees wear body cameras to avoid leaks. The decision is reportedly limited to the people with access to confidential and sensitive information.



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