Investigators Inspect Outside Interference In Beirut Blast, President Says External Interference Through Rocket Or Bomb Is Possibility

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“Lebanon’s President did not rule out that a series of powerful explosions in the Port of Beirut were caused by a rocket or a bomb. The authorities previously stated that the ammonium nitrate stash had detonated.

“The cause has not been determined yet. There is a possibility of external interference through a rocket or bomb or other act,” Aoun said, cited by Reuters.

The president promised that everyone responsible for the explosions will be held accountable.”

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“Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun has not ruled out the possibility of foreign interference in the devastating explosion in the capital Beirut, saying that investigators are inspecting whether a missile or bomb could have been used in the incident.

“First, how the explosive material entered and was stored. Second whether the explosion was a result of negligence or an accident. And third the possibility that there was external interference”, the statement read.

The president added that he had asked French President Emmanuel Macron to provide Lebanon with aerial photos to determine whether there was any evidence of aircraft or missiles. He noted that if Paris does not obtain them, Beirut will ask other countries to do it.”

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Also here’s current live footage of the ruins:

HD video of the Beirut explosion!

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