LEFTIST claim Venezuela is a POSITIVE example of Socialism.

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Watch this!

I think the Lefty saying this could stand to lose 20 lbs. But this is more proof that Liberalism is a mental disorder… As if we needed it!?!
Where is a Socialist with a rebuttal to this when you need one?
h/t Mr.Fox

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3 thoughts on “LEFTIST claim Venezuela is a POSITIVE example of Socialism.

  1. I know it must be tough translating from Hebrew to English, but cant you anti-American Zionists afford a proofreader ?

  2. The true facts are:
    Socialism works.
    Communism works.
    Nationalism works.
    Capitalism works.
    Fascism works.
    Totalitarianism works.
    A hemp economy works the best.
    The Romish Jewish Jesuit bankers wreck any thriving economy to install their usury bankers, and that’s it.
    America’s best bet is an unregulated hemp economy and zero tolerance for Romish Jewish Jesuit usry.

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