Sugar and salt and the world's biggest pacifiers

by McDuffBSmith

About a month or two ago, I noticed a change in my own behavior, being more passive and not caring about much anymore, and couldn’t figure out why, but assumed it was my new, “healthier” diet. I was taking a shower one evening and noticed that I had a bit more “body fat” than I did the week before. Curious about what the hell was going on, I did some digging and found out that it wasn’t fat at all, but water retention from sodium.
I cut a lot of sodium out of my diet, added in more potassium and water, and I feel 100% normal again.
Now, kidney’s will hold sodium in response to carbohydrates consumption like sugar or grains or any food that isn’t meat, fat, or fish etc.
What’s in everyone’s prepackaged food? SUGAR, SALT AND CARBOHYDRATES, and a ton of it.
The food industry along with the governments and literally pacifying the masses with sugar and salt added into high carbohydrate foods. Next time you buy bread or a pie what what-have-you, read the ingredients and nutrition facts. You will be just as disgusted as I am with the state of our food.
You can do this experiment on your own if you don’t believe me: eat a high carb, high sodium diet and watch yourself decline into a state of mind lethargy and indifference. You lose all interest in things you previously had interest in, you’ll have more energy but nothing to use it for other than work, and not mind work because your mind is numb.
Next time you encounter someone who seems so dumb and oblivious to the things that are happening around them, remember that it’s not entirely their fault and their diet has an ENORMOUS impact on how their mind works.

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