Leftist Issues Heartfelt Apology: “You guys were right”

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You guys were right
submitted 5 hours ago by PsychologicalPsychic

As much as I would like to say that the President is a traitor and that he is holding an illegitimate office, I am ready to admit that the Conservatives, Fox News, and The_Donald were right. There was no collusion, no conspiracy, no treachery on the part of The President of The United States.

I am sorry. I am sorry that for two years, supporters of the President have had to endure ridicule and charges of unpatriotic behavior and rhetoric. I am sorry for the division that the Left (of which I am a part) has caused to this country. Most of all, however, I am sorry for my own rhetoric as an individual. I myself have said hateful things about the Conservatives in general, and supporters of the President in particular.

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Our great country does best when our Commander-in-Chief is allowed to govern, in that, I believe that we can be in agreement. When the President succeeds, the country succeeds, and that is what ALL Americans must hope for.

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From a Leftist,

Let’s Make America Great Again, together.





PROOF: Media was complicit with Trump / Russian Collusion. If they reported this, even the most dense of liberals would have their eyes opened.


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