Leftist Media FURIOUS Chris Evans DARE Talk With Republicans

Leftist Media SLAMS Chris Evans For Talking With Conservatives. Far left activists and leftist writers are outraged at Chris Evans dare talk to republicans about complex issues. The far left dog whistle “both sidesism” is dropped to imply that Chris Evans is going to fed fake news and propaganda because the left really believes there are not other arguments to complex issues and they are morally absolute.

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Chris Evans has been taking increasing heat over his meetings with conservatives and republicans, being accused of meeting with “Hydra.”

Left wing and Far left individuals are not at the table talking about politics as they don’t believe in “platforming.” This is a good example of why the far left is outraged, that he is proving a platform for “the others.”

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But what makes Chris’ project interesting is that he is an outspoken Trump critic and has gained the ire of many a trump supporter over his statements.

Whether or not Chris Evan’s project will be effective is yet to be seen but “A Starting Point” with Chris Evans may be just what we need, a place to start a conversation to help bring people back together.