Leftist Propaganda, Democrats Calling for Violence, and Blexit Will Bring a Red Wave on Tuesday

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By Bob Shanahan

The mainstream media is covering up the real violence being perpetrated by the left while implementing a propaganda effort painting all conservatives as racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic deplorables beyond repair. We have seen a wave of politically motivated crimes, not from a crazy Trump supporter-turned-non-Trump-supporter who sent bombs to Democrats. I’m talking about real crimes and real divisive rhetoric that is rallying the American people to attack other people they disagree with.


Unlike the devices made by Cesar Sayoc, not a white male, but a half white half Filipino male, the bullets shot into a GOP office in Florida were very real and actually did some damage. A gunman fired at least four shots into the Volusia County Republican Party’s offices on Monday and this story is getting zero coverage from the mainstream media because they don’t cover stories that do not fit the narrative. Thankfully, no one was injured.


Last June, a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter shot at Republican members of Congress on a baseball field. Did the media blame Sanders and the Democrats for inspiring this horrifying act of violence? Of course not. But when someone with Trump stickers on his van sends packages that do no harm whatsoever to a number of Democrats, Trump is of course the person to blame for the political violence (that harmed no one) and division we are seeing today. I must remind you of a few things. Heated rhetoric comes from both sides of the aisle. But the actual political violence comes almost exclusively from the left. Republicans are not the ones shouting people out of restaurants or accosting them as they leave. Republicans are not the ones protesting and disrupting votes in the Senate. Republicans are not the ones beating up Trump voters in the streets simply because they voted for Trump. Republicans are not the ones ripping hats off of little boys as they eat. Republicans are not the ones throwing eggs at other people’s faces and attacking those going to attend a Trump rally. Republicans are not the ones badgering politicians in the halls of Congress. Republicans have no similar organization compared to the domestic terrorist organization that is Antifa.


In just a few days in September of this year, the trend of political violence did not slow down a year after the Scalise shooting, if anything, it accelerated as we witnessed a slew of politically motivated attacks against Republicans:

  • A California resident attacked GOP congressional candidate Rudy Peters with a switchblade. Witnesses stated that the assailant was shouting profanity about Trump and Republicans.
  • A Laramie, Wyoming Republican Party office caught fire in what officials deemed was arson.
  • A deranged driver rammed his truck numerous times into a local Fox News affiliate in Dallas.
  • A leftist threatened to commit mass slaughter at a Make America Great Again event at Trump’s DC hotel, tweeting out, “I am coming with a gun and i expect to get numerous bloodstained MAGA hats as trophies.”


Since September 2015, Breitbart has compiled a thorough list of 628 media-approved and Democrat-condoned acts of violence and harassment against Trump supporters.


Trump is not the source of division and violence in America today. He is the result of rampant partisanship and political division. If you do not understand that, then you do not understand the nation’s current political reality.


The media needs to stop blaming Trump for everything and start taking a hard look at their own side. In recent months, we have seen a number of Democrats come out in support for political violence in their effort to do whatever it takes to get back in power. Republicans are not perfect. But I have yet to find examples of Republican politicians condoning violence against the other party. Trump putting the media in its place and calling them out is nowhere near what the Democrats have been shouting about.



With only seven days until the midterm election, here is a sampling of examples of the left’s incitement and support of political violence:

  • In June, Rep. Maxine Waters, who has tried to get Trump impeached since he was elected despite no high crimes or misdemeanors perpetrated by the president, called for members of the Trump administration to be heckled when out in public, saying, “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”
  • Earlier this month, former Attorney General Eric Holder rejected Michelle Obama’s call for civility, instead opting for outright violence with the opposition party. “It’s time for us, as Democrats, to be as tough as they are, to be as dedicated as they are, to be as committed as they are,” Holder said to a crowd of volunteers and candidates. “Michelle always says, ‘When they go low, we go high.’ No. When they go low, we kick ‘em.”
  • Failed presidential candidate and likely criminal, Hillary Clinton, said the time for civility is over. Earlier this month, she told CNN, “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again.”
  • Presidential hopeful and unabashed attention seeker Senator Cory Booker in the runup to the Kavanaugh confirmation, lied to America when he said the nomination “has nothing to do with politics.” He stoked the partisan fire when he stated, “You are either complicit in the evil, you are either contributing to the wrong, or you are fighting against it.”
  • In April, another soon-to-be presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris joked about killing Trump on the Ellen Degeneres show.
  • Last August, a Missouri lawmaker was pressured to resign after she said on social media that she hopes President Trump is assasinated.


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These unhinged tactics by the left will not go over well when Americans go to the polls next Tuesday. A growing number of Americans are seeing the Democratic Party for what they truly are: a power-hungry cabal of hateful, violence-promoting politicians. The public realizes the rampant political violence that is taking over the left wing of this country. They see that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a serious issue. Though the president is far from ideal, he is the best we can do right now and he is doing a great number of things beneficial to all Americans. Voters have come to the conclusion that the Democrats cannot be trusted with more power, despite the laughable generic polls predicting a blue wave this year. Power is all the left cares about and they are doing anything and everything they can to get it back. No matter the consequences.


Trump voters will not stay home on Tuesday. They will get out and support the GOP to continue to see the upending of political norms. The left has gone even farther left during Trump’s two years in office and is now openly supporting Democratic Socialism. America is not ready for that yet. Democrats have lost their minds and have overplayed their hand in an effort to put a stop to the president’s agenda. Trump voters will keep Republicans in control of the House because they know President Trump is the only one who has the courage and capacity to stand up to the Deep State, the deranged Democrats, and the Fake News Media.


Trump voters and frightened centrists will not be the only ones to come out to vote Republican next week. A growing number of African Americans are making the move to the right as black unemployment is at its lowest level ever. Support for President Trump among African Americans has jumped to 36 percent, up from 19 percent last year.


Kanye West is urging blacks to think for themselves, letting them know that it is okay for them to leave the Democratic Party. The left does not care about them anymore. They have taken them for granted for decades and their welfare/poverty programs have destroyed generations of African Americans. Democrats care about one thing and one thing only: power.


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Turning Point USA’s Communications Director Candace Owens led an event called “Blexit” over the weekend, designed to “open a conversation we have needed to have.” Owens says, “Blexit is a renaissance and I am blessed to say that this logo, these colors, were created by my dear friend and fellow superhero Kanye West.” The dynamic duo of West and Owens has created a movement of African Americans migrating to the GOP, which scares the Democrats to death.



In an op-ed in Breitbart posted over the weekend, Owens laid out the attacks she and other blacks will feel when they come out to their friends and family that they are conservative now. A list of prominent black conservatives and the liberal spin against them is horrifying.


Owens concluded, “The underlying sentiments are clear; black people are meant to think and act within the confines of what white liberals deem acceptable.”



Unsurprisingly, the smear campaign and attack on Blexit and its leaders came swift.


The Root’s Michael Harriot went after both Blexit and Owens. Here’s some of what he said.

  • Kanye West lent his creative skills to Candace Owen [sic] when he designed a T-shirt line for the conservative negro darling’s new website dedicated to luring black people away from the Democratic Party and into the arms of the party of white supremacists.
  • …held a conference for young, black conservatives who don’t mind Trump, the Republican Party or white people asking to touch their hair.
  • Why do black conservatives’ lips always look like they just finished eating powdered doughnuts?
  • Blexit just happens to be Candace Owen’s [sic] new website that seeks to draw black people away from the antiquated thinking of the Democratic Party by opening their minds with testimonials from MAGA Negroes and reminding everyone that Republicans aren’t racist because Lincoln freed the slaves and Kanye hugged Donald Trump.


Do the Democrats really think these uncivilized tactics will work? Do they really believe attacking free thinking African Americans who happen to disagree with them will do anything to help their brand as the inclusive party? Is there anyone out there who thinks the left’s condoning of violence and anti-Trump agenda will provide any kind of inspirational platform for Americans to show up to vote Democrat on Tuesday?


The combination of Trump deranged Democrats calling for a civil war with those they disagree with, Trump’s 50 percent approval rating, the lying Fake News Media covering up the left’s promotion of violence, and the exodus of African Americans from the Democratic Party will result in a significant red wave next week. Mark my words.


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Bob is a freelance journalist and researcher. He remains forever skeptical of the mainstream media narrative and dedicated to uncovering the truth. Bob writes about politics (in DC and CA), economics, cultural trends, public policy, media, history, real estate, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and geopolitics. Bob grew up in Northern California, went to college in Southern California, and lived 4+ years in Seattle. He now lives in sunny Sacramento. His writing also appears in Citizen Truth and has been posted on ZeroHedge and Signs of the Times.



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