“Legitimate” Climate Scientists basically call each other fake news and debunk each other.

Utter f*cking hilarity. My guess, with the chunk of Antarctica floating slightly north and all these weird geomagnetic anomalies, we go into a 100-200 year “mini ice age”.

People here in Oklahoma are shitting themselves over the 100F temps. Yet, I can recall my grandmother talking about 110-120 from late June through September back in the 1930s.

Over 2B people on this planet are north of forty and only 2B under 20. And those now between 20-40 aren’t breeding. All this shit’s gonna take care of itself in my kid’s lifetime, if not mine.

Will be a planet of 3b or less by 2050 and the fucking WEF/Illumanutty/Spacebats won’t have had much, if any, actual influence.

Like the song says:

Let’s have a war,
We need the space,
Let’s have a war,
Clean out this place

(Of course, I am not advocating violence! DUH!)



Lapointe and Bradley have been wondering whether such an abrupt cooling event could happen again in our age of global climate change. They note that there is now much less arctic sea ice due to global warming, so an event like that in the early 1400s, involving sea ice transport, is unlikely. “However, we do have to keep an eye on the build-up of freshwater in the Beaufort Sea (north of Alaska) which has increased by 40% in the past two decades. Its export to the subpolar North Atlantic could have a strong impact on oceanic circulation”, said Lapointe. “Also, persistent periods of high pressure over Greenland in summer have been much more frequent over the past decade and are linked with record-breaking ice melt. Climate models do not capture these events reliably and so we may be underestimating future ice loss from the ice sheet, with more freshwater entering the North Atlantic, potentially leading to a weakening or collapse of the AMOC.” The authors conclude that there is an urgent need to address these uncertainties.

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Can Americans Separate Fact From Fiction?
Fake news, junk science, misinformation and conspiracies are a big problem in a society that is weak on science education that has endured decades of denial and anti-science campaigns. “U.S. adults believed 75 percent of fake news stories. Studies also show that a large percentage of the American public is actually skeptical of mainstream science sources and roughly 68% of Americans share distrust in mass media news sources.” We have to improve science education in the US and globally. For more on this topic, please visit Debunked: The Climate Denier Campaign.



1936: Alva (July 18), Altus (July 19 and August 12), and Poteau (August 12) each report daily maximum temperatures of 120 degrees, the highest ever recorded in Oklahoma.

1936: Warmest (87.9 degrees) and driest (0.22 inches of precipitation) August of century.

1938: Wettest February of century, statewide-averaged precipitation of 4.66 inches.

And our shit-for-brains local meteorologists deny these facts saying, “this year will be the hottest on record.” It’s cult like the DNC.


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