LEHMAN 2.0: Silicon Valley Bank Collapse and Closure Foreshadows … the controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System

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Dotcom Bubble Burst 2.0 + Silicon Valley Bank
Collapse = 2023 Market Crash & Second Great Depression

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Silicon Valley Bank (SVBwas a commercial bank headquartered in Santa Clara, California. SVB was on the list of largest banks in the United States and was the biggest bank in Silicon Valley based on local deposits, with a 25.9% market share as of June 30, 2016.[2] It was a subsidiary of SVB Financial Group, a bank holding company.[3]  On March 10, 2023, after a bank run on its deposits, it suffered from bank failure and was taken over by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in the second largest bank failure in American financial history.[4][1]

The excerpt above was taken from the Wikipedia page for Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) today, Friday, March 10, 2023.  It’s quite surreal that the first sentence refers to SVB as a commercial bank that was headquartered in Santa Clara, California as of yesterday, but not today.  And that it has been taken over by the FDIC after an historic bank run.

What many folks still fail to understand is that all of the financial markets across the United States have been artificially inflated to create HUGE bubbles in each of them.  Because of the inter-connectivity between and among all of them, they actually have formed the largest multiple market-wide bubble in history, which was all financially engineered with highly purposeful design.

The same NYC financial engineers and London banksters who manufactured these unparalleled bubbles then proceeded to ever so slowly deflate the massive mega-bubble via a slow-motion and meticulously controlled demolition.  In this way all of the interpenetrating bubbles have been quietly shrinking … … … until now.

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