Let me get this straight… MSM is now trying to push a narrative that Trump offered Assange a pardon, on the condition that Assange would just publicly announce…. something he had already been publicly announcing for over a year?

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by Venus230

How stupid do these journalists think people are?

Reminder: Julian Assange Says He’s 1,000% Sure Russia Didn’t Hack the DNC’s Emails


On top of Julian Assange saying this, even the Mueller report doesn’t even claim for a fact that Russia gave emails to WikiLeaks. They are still only ‘moderately confident’ that it was Russia.

Plus the story that’s making the rounds is full of shit. It says Assange was asked to lie, but he was never asked to lie. He was asked to say that it wasn’t Russia.

Only people who are scared of the truth would be claiming that Assange was asked to lie.


“Source not Russia” – Julian Assange 2017



Assange lawyer: Trump offered pardon in exchange for saying Russia didn’t hack DNC | TheHill


White House Vehemently Denied Reports that Trump Offered Julian Assange a Pardon Calling it “a complete fabrication and a total lie.”

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham vehemently
denied reports that Trump offered Julian Assange a pardon
through former California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, calling
it “a complete fabrication and a total lie.”

Assange tells Hannity: Russia was not our source



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