Let’s Get Real: There’s No Legal Path for Trump to Remain in Office

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By Chris Black

As I told you yesterday, with the electoral college voting for Joe Biden, Trump has basically zero chances to remain in office after January 20th. “Here’s the deal”, to quote from classics: other than to declare martial law, Donald Trump no longer has any legal path to stay in office, and the odds of Trump going full HAM and declaring martial law are pretty low. Okay, there is a non-zero chance of that, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. 

The truth is that if Americans who voted for Trump on November 3rd would have hit the streets, all 74 million of them, i.e., they would have supported their president Antifa/BLM style, just like the left does every single time, shutting down the cities and all that, Trump may have had a chance. 

Yet, we had mainstream media and social media, which incidentally are own by the same tribe, discouraging people (or most of them), with Tucker Carlson, the conservative hero being the most notable subversive.  Trump voters didn’t want to rally massively and support Trump in the streets, so now they are facing the consequences of staying home and trying to work their way through the same corrupt system that allowed DEMs to stole the election “fair and square”.

Before the electoral vote on December 14th, there were many avenues to follow that could have resulted in Trump winning the election, that provided Republicans really wanted Trump to get a second term. Which they didn’t, and that’s obvious for anyone with 2 neurons to rub together.

 For example, Republican governors and REP dominated legislatures in swing states (5 out of 6) could have asked for an audit of the vote, that would have revealed massive fraud, thus invalidating votes, electoral votes could have been changed, state governments in swing states could have refused to validate votes, a state Supreme Court could have ruled that there was fraud, invalidating votes and so on and so forth.

However, Republicans and Trump-appointed SCOTUS judges did nothing and allowed Democrats to get away with electoral murder. 

 Even if there is no legal path for Trump to remain in office (and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying), that doesn’t mean that The Donald will not remain president after January 20th, but I would prefer you to live in reality.

Bottom line, the vote of the electoral college on Monday means that Joe Biden has been legally confirmed as the “President Elect,” and there are zero legal steps left before he is sworn in on January 20, short of Trump declaring martial law.

Which I don’t see it happening. I hope I am wrong. 

To be continued.


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