Let’s not forget about the Garland, Texas terrorist incident.

In light of the news about Omar Mateen today and other revelations trickling out about what the FBI knew before other mass shootings…remember the FACT that last year 60 Minutes did a story on the two Muslim men that attempted to massacre people at a anti-Muslim rally in Garland, Texas (they were shot dead by a Garland Police officer). WELL it turned out that those two men were being followed by an FBI agent aware of their plans…and guess what the FBI agent did?! Drove away… The agent was more than willing to let Americans be massacred.

So yes, the FBI is definitely allowing these events to occur….real question is WHY?

SIDE NOTE: Live in Texas. On the day of the shooting my sister texted me that morning saying “heads up, something terrorist related might occur in North Texas today”…she had received the heads up from her husband’s friend who is in intelligence. “They” knew and did nothing to stop it.

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The full story is on 60 Minutes website but you have to sign up for CBS…here is a preview of the story on YouTube:

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